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lundi, avril 13 2009

The ficticious love

One day, my friend wanted introduce me

Her new boyfriend, a nice boy,

Met on Internet. Maybe she striked it lucky?

She is so tomboy.

She told me: “ He is tall, fair-haired and has blue eyes!

He is charming, clever and so spiritual!”

Without any doubt. She cannot tell me lies.

Let’s hope the shock won’t too brutal.

Oh My God! It’s true!

Love is blind!

I can’t think that love isn’t untrue.

What a bind!

This guy is little, bald and very ugly!

And to crown it all, he is a coward as well as a fool.

He has everything of a bawdy.

He isn’t really cool.

samedi, avril 11 2009

Your laugh is my paradise*

When you tell me funny stories,
When you choke with strawberries,
When, for me, you get the impression not to do enough,
I will always laughed.

When you start to purse your lips,
When you become redder,
When your eyes look like chips,
I know you’re going to laugh always louder.

When I see you burst into laughter,
When I see your tears run along your cheeks,
When I look at you oddly and you laugh over and over,
I’m sure that, to be understood, I needn’t speak.

Each time you laugh, even at me
I can’t help being happy !
So I beg you for continue laugh and make me laugh,
Everything from you to make me laugh, will be always enough.

Chahi Sabrina & Chasserieau Megan

jeudi, avril 9 2009

* Laughing out loud *


You make prettier the harsh reality. Thanks to you,

We see life throught rose coloured spectacles.

If our life is better, it is because of you,

And it is funny when we get the giggle!

Teenagers call you L.O.L,

And you make them over the moon.

They love to dance with you the rock n' roll,

On the dancefloor or in a saloon.

You make happy people from age seven to seventy seven,

And you take out people from nervous breakdown.

You form a part of happiness and heaven,

In front of you, all human beings bow down.

You put everybody on an equal footing.



Laughing out loud

By Harmony and Kevin

mardi, avril 7 2009

Junkie, the soldier.

Hey kids, let me tell you the amazing story

of this crazy but sweety junkie.

It was a nice soldier went to the war,

thinking of peace, love and females charms.

Always happy, brave and good hand,

We always see him with a purple band.

Whilst he was in the battlefield,

A general asks him about his yield.

As he always do, he said : "Man, be cool,

Don't do your fool, take holydays,

You'll can change your ways !

And before that he could say Jack Robinson,

He was quickly and simply left like a son.

And not in a place like other normal places.

But in cave called "Bloody laves".

That cave was lived by a huge dragon,

One of his blows can burn you like a oven.

Courageous or peaceful guy ? No matter now.

The poor kid try to move, but we just heard a "Aaaaaaww !"

Nonetheless, we could seen something strange :

Next to a dragon's lace,

We could see a smile into the junkie's face.

__ Gorgui__

lundi, avril 6 2009

A man with not chance by Césaire Stacy and Rogez Audrey

It is the story of a man Who has not any chance.

On Monday, when he get out of his house The first step he put sank into a dog shit steaming.

On Tuesday, when he goes for a walk A car passed next to him and splash him.

On Wednesday, a very cold day The shower he tooks was frozen.

OnThursday, when he was caontispating There were not any toilet paper in his house.

On Friday, after his work He realised that he has forgot his keys into his car.

On Saturday, in the subway His mobile phone fell down under a train.

On Sunday, when he done his washing machine All the white dresses were finaly pink because of a red t-shirt.

It was the week of a man Who has not chance.

{ The Goldfish } Alexandra. B

Listen to the story of a small goldfish,
Who had left one evening with the suitcase.
He put inside the bare minimum and has it finishes:
A piece of cheese and the case.
Glub Glub Glub

He had said goodbye to people of his house
" Yes I leave at random I am a big boy. "
He wanted to be a new moss,
To be able to live alone because he was coy.
Glub Glub Glub

He swam quietly, thinking of its new life.
Yes yes,but here is at the moment an accident arrived,
In one second a true torture the goldfish had died.
Far from his dad, near Mururife.
Ripped by the helixes of Rainbow Warrior.

Glub Glub Glub
Glub Glub Glub

dimanche, avril 5 2009

Answer to Ronsard

My olde Ronsard , if you imagine
I will appeal you to polish your shoes
Alone , like a stray dog on the loose
You are barring up the wrong tree , my darling

You woll probably enjoyed to know

Alone , I 'm not and my knight errant 

With his brushing luxuriant

Is a famous announcer on TV show

I know it'll end in tears
But solely for you
With great deal roll of fat on you
In old house with lot of cats HAHA ! Nice crises

Found a fatty like you age-old
Humm.... like twin brother

Make me's mouth water

Fuddy-duddy going bold

                   Lechat Charlotte  - Tournemine Catheleen

answer to Ronsard

My olde Ronsard , if you imagine I will appeal you to polish your shoes Alone , like a stray dog on the loose You are barring up the wrong tree , my darling

You woll probably enjoyed to know Alone , I 'm not and my knight errant With his brushing luxuriant Is a famous announcer on TV show

I know it'll end in tears But solely for you With great deal roll of fat on you In old house with lot of cats HAHA ! Nice crises

Found a fatty like you age-old Humm.... like twin brother Make me's mouth water Fuddy-duddy going bold

        Lechat Charlotte - Tournemine Catheleen

The good mood

Laugh a bit, a lot, passionately

This has nothing ghastly

Laugh regarding everything

Or laugh regarding nothing

Laugh in madness

It transmit happiness

Laugh it is an explosion of emotions

But without conditions

Laugh to dry his tears

That they are real or clear

Laugh to feel appreciate

And transmit the happiness furthest

Laugh to live

And sometimes forgive

Don’t worry

Be happy!

Poem by Romance

I meet this men in the corner of street,

My heart pounded by this vision,

I warn you in sccession,

It was not a good impression,

He looked like a geek.

Behind it's glasses of fly,

It took itself for Brad Pitt,

I did not belive in it,

But wich loosen this guy!!

By for he so digusted me,

He seemed to me ugly,

But then closely,

He was very,very ugly!!!

I saw well that he looked me

But his white spots and hair oily,

Gave me envy to run away to me!

Poem by Maeva and Catherine

When I see your behavior

At the approach of the summer

That makes me thing

At you laughing.

But, now, everything’ changed

You are of age.

Even if you are a seasoned veteran

In my head you will stay

The same funny man

With his happiness and all his jokes,

This used to make us laughing

When we were listening The Strokes.

Now, I am just saying

Is just that I regret our burst of laugher

And, actually, I hope you are not burying

Because you were, you are and you still my funny Lover.

lundi, mars 16 2009

What makes me laugh

When you told me a joke, I’m laughing

I laugh of every and anything

When I see a comical movie

I’m laughing like if I was crazy

When I see a person is falling

I can’t help to laugh like a fury

I know I’m very nasty

But my mouth is smiling

Sometimes I chuckle single

Because I’m thinking of a funny thing

And sometimes I have the giggle

With my mates and we’re crying

Laughing is good for Health

I see that to the television

That would delay death

Maybe you must laugh, it’s a caution!

                                                                                                By Rachel & Rajshree

dimanche, janvier 18 2009

- the snowy roller coaster -

Today we are from Disneyland Resort Paris were a brand-new ride has been unveilled for this winter, THE SNOWY ROLLER COASTER. This new merry-go-round combine wonderfully shivers with strongs sensations and it is also amazing to be in the moutains near to Paris. The firm expect from this merry-go-round to be a success in order to boost the park, because the last few years, it became a little boring for the adult; in fact Disneyland, with this new riding-school, found a perfect harmony for young and old alike.

Lily Rose, 10 years old : "It's was so amazing! It's the best merry-go-round that I have ever try!"

Maeve, 20 years old : "Oh my gosh! I can't find my words! there were 7 loops, I though that I was about to have a heart attack, increidible!"

Robert, 41 years old : "Because of this Snowy Roller Coaster I have the goose bumps, but it was a very good experience!"

Jacob, 17 years old : 'the best merry-go-round of this park!"

samedi, janvier 17 2009


The amusement parc, Disney built a new ride amusement, The Caribbean, who was created by Jack Simon. It's roller coaster, with fountain. The decor every too exotic, with lights green, red, yellow, the grass, as tropical plant. Everything do a decor tropical. « It's spectacular » we say, an teenager is 14 years. This ride who do 15 metre of high give a some sensation. A decor wonderful for a beautiful adventure. Here the spectator is an actor, everyone choice it's position, (to return or not). This decor flaming and the time exotic, entranced the spectator in an adventure. « A lot of sensation strong for a decor exotic », say, Catherine (35 years old ) an adult who did this attraction. This attraction spectacular is advise for the thrill seeker.

                                                                  Stacy Césaire

vendredi, janvier 16 2009

Jack's Ghost train

Discover the new drawing card Jack’s ghost train

Jack's ghost train

            Come to discover the new event at
            Disneyland resort Paris , the drawing

Card Jack and his Ghost train released thursday

December 8th 2008. In The fantastic world of Jack

( Nightmare before Christmas ) you can see some Strange and ugly creatures who will make you Cower. With a very realistic scenery, a gloomy Atmosphere and a bustling and berserk train ; The effect is very GREAT! But it’s advise pregnant Women, young child and cardiac people against Doing this because some things that can be Shocking for sensible soul. You will find plenty Of awful monsters and ghost ‘s holograms galore that Will make have nightmares at night.

Claire : i was very scared by the train because it was very speed but i loved this

John : it was very scary and also funny

Max : it's astonishing!

                                                                                         By Rachel

A new merry-go-round to Disneyland [Léa Levaufre et Anne sophie Darfeuille]

For Christmas, a new merry-go-round has been create. At first sight, this attraction would be reserved for the youngest people but from its opening we were able to notice that the adults were also hang under the charm on this merry-go-round.To draft this article we have of also to lend ourselves to the experience of the new merry-go-round. It consists has to cross all parks disney by boat under a landscape of ice. During the journey we met all the characters of disney practising the various activities in touch with the snow. In every activity, the boat stops and suggests in voluntary person coming down and playing with characters of disney. This merry-go-round is really pleasant and distracted children proposing activities wich are not already practice by everybody (skate on ice, sled, bobsleigh ..)

Nathan, 9 years old : "It was so funny! I was able to ski with mickey and make a snowball fight with peter piece and alice for the wonderland. I hope I will be able to return to it as soon as possible."

Florian, 34 years old : " It is true that originally I was reluctant when Nathan asked me to make this merry-go-round but as soon as we rose in the boat and by seeing the magnificent snow-covered landscape I regretted nothing more. To see my child enjoying himself so much in the snow called to me my childhood and made me really good feeling."

jeudi, janvier 15 2009

The new attraction in disneylandresort paris by catherine paulin

DSC00219.JPGThe little ladie's miss tower

We are in Walt Disney World where a new attraction for small and big has been prepared. We will ty to have the first impression whose have the joy to discover it. First a little boy about six years old: Question:: How do you feel? A: I have been afraid by the circles and the water jets. But it is wonderful!! To the parents... Q: What do you think about the new attraction? A: It's really a pleasure with this hot summer to receive some water and the way throw the circles look as a no end way. To young ado... Q: How did discovered the new attraction? A: It's qhade that we must wait such a long time for a so little time in the attraction. There is not enough water and it's not jumming so fast to bee afraid.

for concluse the attraction is wondeful for the little children, and for the ado the sensation is different!

By Catherine Paulin for "The little ladie's miss tower."

mardi, janvier 13 2009

WALL-E coaster

Magnificent Christmas to Disney Land Paris!!!

For the festive season Disney opens a new roller coaster of Wall-E.

It is about a roller coaster as space-mountain but adapted for the children. So, they can fly from planet in planet in search of Eve, the big love of the young robot.

“It was great!!!! We were in a spaceship and we flew as in cartoons!” said one.

“It was horrible, I want to vomit” said another in tears!

Thus, to make your own opinion, come to test this attraction!

lundi, janvier 12 2009

Disney by Romance

Disney Romance

« The Wall-E Race » { By Alexandra }

This winter, the fabulous theme park of Disneyland Paris opens its doors with a new attraction : The Wall-E Race

Leave to l' venture with your companion in an unrestrained race in the search of his fabulous Eve friend. In this fantastic world, you traverse various universes and will meet all the famous characters of film ! This attraction will have required eight month with its construction and more than a dozen designers. Do not hesitate any more, give life to robots Disney !

Accessible as well to small as large, our corresponding on the spot : Melinda Karl, brought back many testimonies.

« I liked this attraction ! That can appear rather childish, but one is quickly took with the plays. I advise it, really ! » (A French teenager, name of Lindsey B.)

« I like Wall-E and to make all the attraction with him, it is cool ! » (An English little boy, of the name of Nicolas S.)

« I may be thirty five years old and not have seen the film, if we like the speed and to move everywhere, then we have that a single envy : begin again ! » (A German man, of the name of Patric P.)

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