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dimanche, janvier 11 2009

" Furious Locomotive " By Ophélie

With the beautiful days, the parks with topic reveal their new attractions and take again their rhythm of high season. The point on the principal French parks.Disneyland Resord Paris (Seine-et-Marne) For its springtide which will begin at the beginning of April and at the time of the operation from the festivals from Christmas the parks Disneyland Resort Paris inaugurates a new attraction. Baptized "Furious locomotive":

To put to you in situation, we should tell his history… According to the locomotive legend, furious, will ouvra for the first time its doors in 1930. The engine, as imposing as elegant always dominates the surroundings. It was under very good performance when a phenomenon of strangest occurred, involving the sudden closing of the places. Very stopped this night of January 31, 1932, and this until the recent reopening of the station. The surroundings are invaded by the dryness, the interior is streaked cracks and the windows its there. It passed something of odd. The locomotive had large a hatred against mickey and all his friends the Christmas Day, the engine with extraordinary speed moved in direction of mickey, but the friends of mickey saved it with the sledge of the Father Christmas. This attraction, has loop, and a speed has to cut the breath.

The people who one tested furious locomotive one to appreciate much, here a couple tell us their impressions:

"We went there with the children they are really fun! the children really adored the history to save mickey by the Father Christmas! I recommend it is extra!".

Today, It's finally the opening of the new ride of Disney Resort Paris : The Ice Tornado !

On live for Metro News 1,

Today, a new ride just opened at the famous amusement park, Paris’ Disney Land in that season of Christmas. His name is “Ice Tornado”. Like his name says, this ride looks like a white tornado which turn and turn aroud. We tried it, and the feelings are complete. A few changes will appear because some troubles came after the opening. The idea of this ride is really original : they take a copy of the famous Mickey’s Castle and they empty it for make a gorgeous trip. I advice ths trip for the lovers of Winter and all his beauty.

That was G.Niang in live at Disney Land Paris,

Back to you.

This trip remember us some good memories. It’s so nice, so pretty... Love it.

I thought that thing was boring ; but finally I liked to discover a white world really magic and peaceful

The children loved it, probably for the beauty of the thing. I guess I liked it too !

The Ice Tornado

A new dream in DysneyLand

To DysneyLand, a new scenic railway was born. It draw one’s inspiration from the universe of the dreams. No, you do not dream. More than a roundabout, it is a magnificent journey. This time, contrary to the other attractions as Space Mountain who assures the strong sensations; this scenic railway wants to make sensation with the spectacular. The attraction is thus less violent but it is not less interesting because you cross in several different worlds. This world are very amazing and enchanting, All more crazy some than the others, as you never have it imagine thanks to the tremendous technical work which DysneyLand displayed.

“It was fantastic! Said Sarah, 11 years old. We crossed at first a forest in the night enlightened by fireflies, between trees we perceived in secret faunae, elfs with ! And just like that, we dived into the lake, we were under the water, dolphins and sirens swam close of us. We are surfaced for spun straight ahead towards the sky. We flew very high when suddenly a Chinese dragon appeared and “danced “around our train. It is great, it is a pity that it is so short!”

“It is staggering! Bluffing! Said Michelle, 46 years old with his 2 children. Everything seems so real! It is incredible! It is absolutely striking of realism! I made it 3 times in succession with my children and the most amazing is that every tour was different. We passed in a new place every time!”

You will have understood it, it is about simple cardboard sets and about puppets. You travel through computer generated images in a striking realism. Poets and adventurers of any age shall find there.

Bobsleighland ! By Sabrina Chahi & Megan Chasserieau.

Do you remember of this famous film : Rasta Rocket ? Yes, of course ! When you saw it, could you imagine the sensations of being in a bobsleigh ??? Now, with the brand-new ride by Disneyland® Resort Paris, you can !!! You have exactly the same sensations as when you are in a bobsleigh, the same speed, the same strength of power stroke without risks and danger ! It is a brand-new ride for everybody : as good for children as adults. There is no ages limits ! As soon as you enter this attraction, you are transported to a magical world. You will find snow everywhere, you will have a following, you will fly in the air, and you will be the winner of the race ! You are going to feel anxious maybe scared, but mainly over the moon if you make this so. We asked to the first persons who tested it how did they have find it, and they answered us :

« I was very excited to do it ! At the beginning, I was a little afraid but after it was really cool ! I think my mother was more frightened than me.» Mike, 8.

« We have been forced to do this brand-new ride by our grandchildren. They really wanted to do so, so we have followed them ! In spite of our age, we find it very funny, my wife and I. » Joe and Shirley, 75.

« We are a group of friends, and we are looking for thrills. This brand-new ride completely persuaded us ! We have spent a good moment.» Amy, 17.

« I must confess you that I was not reassured at the beginning. My cousin cheers me on doing this, so I accepted. And I don’t regret because it was a great experience ! Thank you Disneyland ! I want to add that I suggest to people to come here and do this brand-new ride. » Jake, 34.

We hope their testimonies convince you !



Disneyland brings out Paris is the family amusement park par excellence. Its goal is to divert whatever the age of the visitors. For that it is based on an effective receipt: to mix the technical innovations with traditional parks with topics. High-speed Russian mountains with the fairy-like horse-gears. Today Disneyland brings out Paris opens its doors with a new attraction more terrifying that the preceding ones, only its name frightens us an one-way ticket for the hell, give us shivers. A splendid surprising sight of this attraction to place in the open air with a 20 meters height. In this attraction you will see launched at a speed of 100 km/h, after a rise of slowest and calm and a very small descent with the first turn which will put back you and will calm you on what will await you later… You plunged towards the ground at a tremendous speed of 100 km/h for better going up and connecting the loops which will put to you more than seven times you head at back, under you leave the time of soufflé. Useless to say to you, attraction is astounding!! This horse-gear an one-way ticket for the hell will make you lose the concept of gravity. The passages of the place to back will be appreciated by the amateurs of true feeling a strong… attraction has to cut the breath to not louper! Thus Disneyland brings out Paris offers spectacular attractions it is undoubtedly the key of its success!!!

Comment of the people having to test an one-way ticket for the hell:

- “In spite of a great file of waits for the opening of this attraction, I am not disappointed a whole! It is a formidable attraction which I could make. Who m `got a blue fear like I into naked never testing!! ” Stephan 17 years

-“It is necessary to be sacrament shaken in its head to invent that! And it is true that in this horse-gear an one-way ticket for the hell I can you ensure that the head is very well shaken!! ” Jay-raj 26 years

“An incredible horse-gear which returns nutcase to us!! Super surprising significant heart to abstain from!! ” Claire 29 years

“An attraction with especially not missed I you it council has touts so of course you do not have the giddiness!!! ” Roger 40 years

Rajshree Nundoo

BY Rajshree NUNDOO

The new famous attraction by Tiphaine


Attention attention, the new attraction of Disney has just opened there are some week, and it is already enjoy great success! It is The Crazy Train. With his rate, his madness and his strong feelings, it please to the children and adults. We have gathered some testimonial of children pretty well: Hello, my name is Lucas, I am 14 years. I have tested the new attraction, and it is very brilliant. I can said that I have burst out laughing! Hello, my name is Caroline, I am 20 years. I went the last week with my friends and it was a pure instant of madness. I liked her straight away. I shall go back, it is sure! Our reporter has receive some testimonial of adults rather satisfied: Hello, I am Nathalie, I am 33 years. At the beginning I was not very reassure, but once inside I have not regret! I have many laughing and I am very amuse! This new attraction is lots of feelings. With his waterfall and his looping, it will guarantee you 100% pleasures. So, those who like one’s thrills, GO THERE !!!



To live on a film for real? It is possible with Narnia!

For Christmas, the famous theme park of Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, has just opened a new ride with the theme of the movie "Narnia" which had a great success all over the world. Our famous correspondent in Paris, Andy Grays, was there to assist of this important event and in order to gather testimonies of the fans who were very numerous.

This ride transport the people who dare to venture on, in the fabulous world of Narnia with all the characters of the movie,and live the fantastics battles with a realism very spectacular! In totally, fifty set designers and model makers built this new ride during one year! Never no theme parks in the world dared to begin a big project like this.

For example, Mary, 12 years old, come from Boston with her parents to discover Disneyland and especially "Narnia"(the name of the ride), she told us that she was very impressed by the ride! And one of her dreams become true, because when she was inside, she had the feeling that she was one of the characters of the movie and she didn't want to leave this wonderful world!

Boys can find it attractive, and Julian a young boy of 14 years old, who come from Spain, was very exited when he took out of the ride because he told us that which is very attractive in "Narnia", is that you believe you are a character of the story and you can forget school and the problems because you are on a enchanted world!

But, adults love this ride too, a french men, Franck, come from Marseille to discover that ride, he told us that at the beginning he thought that it was a game for children, but now he advices for all people who love Narnia and adventure, to try "Narnia", because it is a fabulous moment you can have in your life.

Narnia (Ribeiro and Barlier)

By Harmony and Kevin

Madagascar Safari

Sit Up Britain Sit UP Britain

Breaking News :Presented by Sandy Smith and special correspondant Nicky Nipple looking for advice on Madagascar Safari, the brand new ride of DisneyLand resort Paris.

By Lechat Charlotte and Catheleen Tournemine

lundi, décembre 1 2008

Ludwig Revolution by Tim Burton

Once upon a time, a prince lived peacefully in his kingdom. But this prince was not a charming prince although endowed with an exceptional beauty. He was necrophiliac, sadistic, narcissistic and contemptuous. Incensed, the king his father ordered him to leave in search of a fiancée, if he wants to take the succession of the throne. So begin the journey of prince Ludwig, accompanied with his faithful scapegoat Willhem in a world of fairy tales. Alas and alack! White-snow has dark hair like the ebony, red lips like the blood and a dark soul like the darkness. Cinderella a masochistic with big feet. The little red riding hoot, Hansel and Gretel are hired killers. This is not a fairy tail, it is the reality of the life. In this magnificent but cruel world, the prince will find his princess? And especially, will foil the plot which stand against him, now that he is not any more in the castle? According to the work of Kaori Yuki.

With Johnny Depp: Prince Ludwig

     Orlando Bloom: Willhem
     Christina Ricci: Cinderella
     Angelina Jolie: White-Snow	
     Liv Tyler: Slepping Beauty
     Sarah McLeod: Gretel      	
     Billy Bob Thornton: Hansel
     Uma Thurman: The little red riding hoot

Edward Handy by Tim Burton - Anne-sophie et Léa -

James Madsen is a famous and cynical writer.He is known by everybody and he has writen many books.To finish his fig brillant career he write his autobiography : Edward Handy. His work is eagerly-awaited by everybady.The one we immersed in a mysterious , discrepancy , dark and cruel world. But,who is Edward Handy ?

Casting : - Johnny Depp - Helena Boham carter - Alan rickman - Penelope Cruz - Ewan Mc gregor

- Jessica Lange

Edward Handy

dimanche, novembre 30 2008

Manizer - Tim Burton


Jack Parker Scott ( Johnny Depp ) a junkie in his 20's who lives in Brooklyn is the stereotype of the Bad Boy spending his time between alcohol, drugs and women, in fact, he's very attractive, He's always surround by georgeous women. But just one of them reached his heart, Haley ( Hilarie Burton ), but unfortunetly she was shot. For the first birthday of her death, JPS made a dream, he saw her, the one he has ever loved. Days after days he saw her everywhere, and she told him to kill each girls who flirt with him, she told him : "that girl killed me, babe". Then, JPS will be taken in this vicious circle, he became a kind of monster devastated by too much drugs and this impossible love story...

- The best thriller ever seen - the New York time

- This impossible love story and the end, AMAZING - Vogue

Realized by : Tim BURTON

WITH : Jack Parker SCOTT = Johnny DEPP

Haley JAMES = Hilarie BURTON


Arlow ADAMS = Scarlett JOHANSSON

Film by Audrey Rogez

affiche rogez

article by audrey

samedi, novembre 29 2008

English project by Catherine P.

English project

Film by Romance

film poster Romance

cast by romance

synopsis by romance

The dilemma... [By Sabrina & Megan.]

And if you encounter a dilemma ?...

At a time when vampires still terrorized people in the little town of Carlisle, in the south England, Maloree James (Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean) lived peacefully with his family and his best friend Lewis (Jensen Ackles, Supernatural), a vampires hunter. One day that he was taking a walk in his town, he made a wonderful encounter, nearly magic : a woman with an inhuman beauty stood in front of him, and showed him her most lovely smile. It was a woman with a pale complexion like he had ever seen; a perfect complexion. They made acquaintance : her name was Janice (Kate Beckinsale, Underworld). They ended up falling in love together. Her inhuman beauty had something which was mesmerizing for Maloree. But he didn’t suspect that behind this insolent beauty was hidden a terrible secrecy... Janice was a vampire ! One night they spent together, Janice’s thirst was stronger than her reason and she bit her lover. She however managed to not kill him, and he transformed into a vampire ! From this moment, his life entirely changed as well as his relationship with his best friend, because Maloree was now, what Lewis hated the most. Moreover, a lot of incidents happened to him. How will he manage to get together his former life with his new immortal life ?...


Realized by :

Tim Burton.

Main actors :

Johnny Depp : Maloree James

Kate Beckinsale : Janice Patterson

Jensen Ackles : Lewis Reagan

vendredi, novembre 28 2008

Voodoo (by Rachel)

In 20th century in London, a young man who’s named Julian and after a fairly wealthy family, married her childhood friend Claire that he saw after 10 years of separation, but by jealousy of their union a beautiful and beautiful evil woman and being a witch cast a spell on the man to fall in love with her. But does he succumbs to his charms? Does it resist its bewitchment? I let you guess the continuation and end.


by Ophélie and Typhaine

Date of exit: January 31rd 2008

Accomplished by: Tim BURTON

 With: Johnny DEPP, Scarlett JOHANSSON and Natalie PORTMAN

Type: Dramatical comedy

Rength: 2:07

Distributed by: Warner Bros American film

In a small village not far from Budapest, lives a young couple, Lucas and Grace. Grace is beautiful, unassuming, and very attentioned with Lucas. This last one winning, wild-looking is very appreciate by his friends and his family. However, during a walk, he gets acquainted of a strange woman, Margaux, who intrigues him by her speeches and her behavor. He cannot resist at this mystic attraction, which going change radically his personnality and his life forever... Who is Lucas? What find Margaux?

Phantasm by Charlotte


Peter, a young and artful boy of eleven years old, is living in a precarious quarter of New York 's suburb. He doesn't want deal with disputes 's parents. So he try to escape to his difficult life. By means of his draws, he invents an imaginary word, which he is the one to know it, and where all is possible. Apace, Peter doesn't differenciate the real life and the fiction. The truth recaptures him, and he will be brave his problems in order to become a man.

Casting :

Freddie Highmore : Peter Land Johnny Deep : Mr Land Helena Bohnam Carter : Mrs Land Orlando Bloom : Parents 's friend, John

poster charlotte

» God Child « ( By Alexandra )

God Child


In London of the XIXe century, the capital of the murder and poverty, are found many corpses assassinated prostitutes. Whereas several young girls carried out are discovered, any carry to believe that the murderer follows a childish counting rhyme methodically. While London is terrorized by these serial murders, the young heir to the Heveargres family makes his appearance downtown then. Charmer and mysterious, Caïn is before a whole famous detective and particularly wishes to clear up these strange murders. It then will be confronted with the attachment and the violence of disarmed London. At the same time discover a film terrifying and romantic, in the pure Burton style.

“A jewel of esthetics and macabre humour! ”





Tim Burton ;


Ewan McGregor – Caïn Heveargres ;
Natalie Portman – Natalia Eardown ;
Clémence Poésy – Mary Heveargres ;
Johnny Depp – Charles Johnson / The Murderer.

And Danny Elfman.

Fëa’s Dreams [ By Gorgui ]

Fëa’s Dreams

Fëadale, 18, live a good life at Tuoson in Arizona. But, he’s got an amazing particularity, he can rebirth dead persons when he touch them one time. However, it he touch again the persons he rebirth, they die forever. With this ability, he became a king of secret in Arizona. Everything goes well, until the coming of Stella. We say she also have a mysterious skill...

« A true Tim Burton’s Film... Finally ! » Time « Amazing especially at the end. » GQ

++ Cast :++

Johnny Depp – Fëadale ; Eva Green – Stella ; Scarlett Johanson ; Joacquim Phoenix ; Danny Elfman.

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