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dimanche, novembre 2 2008

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Hello! My name Is Stanimira, but my friends call me Stani. I am 18 years old and I study English and Italian at high school in Pravec. This is my last year. I love my friends, going parties, having fun! Also I love animals, I have a cat and its name is Pufi:) I can't live without music, this is my passion! I like jogging. My favourite movies are A walk to remember and Friends. I love France and Paris, French parfumes and wines....! :)

samedi, novembre 1 2008


Bonjour, ladies and gentlemen....My name is Maria but u can call me mimsi, actually this is my nickname, 18 years old. I am from Bulgaria. I study in a language school - English and Spanish. Those chicas bonitas below are my classmates ( I must say that my class is the best one ever). I am last year at high school and then I gonna study for a chemist ( this is my dream, I hope that they will accept me in the Medical University). I was in France twice, in Paris and visited Disneyland, of course. I love love love Hip hop and belly dancing. I am film maniac. I love meeting new people, especially foreigners. If u wanna see me just open that link


Hello, there! How are you? My name is Aleksandra. I'm 17 (in January I'll be 18 :D ). I come from Botevgrad, Bulgaria. I study at Foreign Language School "Aleko Konstantinov" - Pravets. Now, it is my last year at school- 12 class. I love listening to music ( all kinds of it)- i don't have a favourite style, it depends on my mood :) I love dancing, enjoying myself, parties. I also take part in an ecology club- hehe.. calm down, I won't be spreading the idea for clear Earth :)) Photographing is one of my passions. I want to continue my education somewhere abroad. I have passed the exams TOEFL and SAT and now I apply to universitites in the USA, UK, Denmark and Germany. I hope, there will be good discussions here :) See you soon :)

vendredi, octobre 31 2008

Greetings from BG ;)

What's up guys n girls :P Nice to meet you all finally. I saw you like my country, it's especially beatiful, although we are too short-sighted to appreciate it. How did you come upwith the idea of this blog? and the name- bliznaka? I'm Asya from Botevgrad, a town near to the capital - Sofia. Sorry for the delay but I couldn't really cope with the french ;) If someone knows how to switch to the english version of the blog it would be very useful ;P What else, I'm 12 grade senior with deep interests in art and mathematics. I'll write soon. :PPP

mercredi, septembre 24 2008

Hey !!!

Hello I'm Typhaine. I'm 16 years old and I live in France. My favourite subjects are English and History and I would like live in London ! I have blond hair and my eyes are blue. My hobbies are Classical dance, swimming, the music and the cinema. My favourite movies are those of Tim Burton. My favourite music are Pop rock and Soul, such as Rolling Stones, Cocoon, The beatles, Katie melua, Adèle... the most part are english. But I prefer to do the shopping in Paris and be with my friends !!! In the future, I would like to become journalist for write articles in magazines. Bye, Kissss. =)

mardi, septembre 16 2008

Me and me (?!)

Hi !

My name is Alexandra and my nickname is Alex.I am 17, I am an only child and I live in France. Currently, I'm a studant in literature and it's very interessing. Obviously, J've many passions ! I like reading books, many sorts of book but Stephen King is my favorite writer ; listening music (Rock & Other) ; I love taking photos because it's very amusing ! When I've free time, I like seeing my friends ;D. Generally, I'm outgoing and joyful ! However, I'm impulsive...

So, Goog bye and See you later ;D.

vendredi, septembre 12 2008

Hey !


 Welcome on my presentation

I’m Rachel and i’m sixteen. I’m student in 1°L of the high school La Tour des dames in Rozay en brie. I’m an agreeable and respectful girl. I love chocolate =), movies ( action, horror, comical, romantic), cinema, video games, music ( R¤ck, Metal, reggae, R’nB, Techno & C¤untry), to eat, go out with my friends, going to parties, to joke, candy, cakes, to read ( romans, comics, mangas, .. ), to draw, take photos, to travel & to speak English =). My favourite bands is Nickelback & Coldplay , my favourite singer is Lenny Kravitz & my favourite actor is Will Smith. My favourite movies and cartoon are “Lord of the Ring 1,2,3”, “Meet Joe Black”& “Tarzan”. I would like to become a globe trotter. =)

                             The £nd



HEYYYY!!!! My name is Rajshree NUNDOO, I'm 17. I'm' a student of 1 literature in rozay. I have one brother, his name is Jay-raj he is 25 years old and one sister her name is priscilla she is 29 years old. My favourite subject are: art and history. I love mangas, pets, video games, to play chess and shopping. I practise different sport: athletics, boxing and to go horse-riding. Listening to rock music r&b, reaggetton, my favorite band is cocoon, beatles, saez,korn magic system. I'm fond of seeing my friends. My favortie colors is black; beige and red. my free time i'm a tutor for kids with spécial heeds. see you later kiss ^^ bey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi !

Hi! My name is Léa, i'm 16 years old.I'm patient and I am for the listening of people. I'm fond of horse ridding since eight years. I like to learn Spanish. Later, I would like to travel in the world, especially in the Hispanic countries.

Hello everybody!

Hello! I'm a 17 year old girl. My name is Aloysia but call me Alou.^o^ I have a lot of leisure acivities: the sport, the creation (stories, jewels, drawings...), resolve enigmae... I looove all genre of books especially fantasy books and comic strips, mangas too. I play the recorder and I sing well I think. My favourite colours? The white and blue. My favourite animal? The wolf. My favourite manga, you guess? Wolf's rain!^o^ My principal activity is dreaming. I hope to become psychologist and bilingual. See you later! ;)

Yeeeah man, bob is not Dead :)

Hello, I'm Maëva but my nickname is Maëv', I am 15 years old. I live in a little town of 3000 inahabitants and it's very boring to live there. I fond of rugby, i play it in a team for 5 years, and i practice dance for 8 years. I love to listening to music like The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Rolling stones, Damien Saez... I can't imagine my life without music, it would be a big mistake. About cinema I rather prefer american shows like One Tree Hill, How i met your mother, Gossip girl, and some MTV's show like sweet sixteen, made, some stupids stuff like that, and about movies, my favouries are the green mile with Tom Hanks, Requiem for a dream with Jared Leto, and Love me if you dare with the french actor Guillaume Canet. What else ? Euh.. I love to travel, at least i have ever been to Ireland, England, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and in april with my class we will go to the Netherlands. I love to going to discos, going to parties, going out with my friends, to do the shopping with my friends, and going to Paris of course. Well I think that I said everythings important about me, and if you want you can visit my website : clik HERE
I hope you'll replied to us :)


My name is audrey. I'm 16 years old. What I most like is listening and playing music: I'm a flutist in an orchestra and I began to play the guitar. My favorite music genre is rock but i listen to every genre like jazz, pop, raggae... I was a swimmer but i was injured in my knees! I had to give up the competition... However, I love watching movies like The Bride Corpse ; Sleepy Hollow ; secret window ; Pirates of the carribeans ; Shrek... But the thing which takes me most time is reading. I'm a real book worm! My favorite authors are Conan Doyle ; Agatha Christie ; Erica spindler or M. H. Clarck . So I read specialy thrilers. I think I have finished to speak about myself! Now it's your turn ! XD


My name is Charlotte.I'm a small girl of 16 years, and I'm at high school in a litterary section. My favorite school subject is Art. I used to draw, paint, surf in the net, go shopping, read and go out with my friends. I love fantastic book and my favorite book is Harry Potter. I like Johny Deep's movies, I think "pirates of the Carrabean" and "Neverland" are his best movies.I live in a little city lost hedged in fields. Generaly, I'm a faithful friend, and I'm a good natured.


Hello everybody !!! My name is Kevin, I am seventeen years old and I am in the Rozay-en-Brie high school in the form of 1L. I live in a little village near from Paris. I am fond of books, music (soul, r'nb) and travel but I have visited Spain and Portugal wich is my other country. I love to go out in the cinema in Disneyland, to go shopping with my friends and go on holidays in Nice, a city in the south of France near from Cannes, my dream is to live there. My favorite subjects are English, Spanish, History & Geography. I like cinema, my favorite movie is The Others. Bye!

Hey !!

HELLO !!!! My name is Sabrina. I am sixteen years.I live in Courpalay next to the high school. I have one brother, his name is Erwan, he is 4 years old. I am of moroccan origins. My favourites school subjects are Spanish and English. I live next to Disneyland Paris. I like Disneyland because there are a lot of decorations and there is a big cinema. My activities are swimming, I love listen the music (r&b,reaggeton,soul) and I like go to the malls. I want to work in Spain because I would like to be air hostess, I love travelling. I have already been in Italia, Spain and in Morocco. I want go to England.My friend is Megan, she is just below hihihi. My blog is

  : )   Good bye .

Yeaaah !

Hello ! My name's Megan and I'm 16. I've got a sister, she's 14 and a half and her name's Julie. I also have a cat, it's a female, her name's Clochette : she's so sweet :) ! My favourite subjects are English and German : I find it great !! So my favourite country are England and Germany, I'd like to live there later ! I love rock music, but I don't have a favourite group. I'd like to have a Licence in languages and to be a journalist. I've already visited England, Germany twice, Italy, Spain and France, of course :p My favourite colours are black and pink. I don't like shopping very much : I certainly must be the only girl who doesn't like shopping ^^. I live in a little town near Paris, so near Disneyland Paris too My favourite cartoons by Disney are The Lion King and Pocahontas hihihi. I like reading very much, I've read all Harry Potter books and I've seen all the films =D I love Harry Potter's adventures !! My skyblog's address is ! My favourite friend is Sabrina, she is a little crazy hihi, but I love her very much. She is just above ! Hmmm... I think these are all the main things about me =)


Hello, my name is Ophelie. I'm 17 years old and I live in France. I have the hair brown and my eyes are blue and green. I'm 1m60 tall. My favourite subjects are Arts, History and Spanish. My hobbies are classical dance, the theatre, the music and the drawing. My favourites music are Rock and Pop rock, such as Cocoon, the DO, jimmy hendrix, bb brunes, the killers, the hives and artick monkeys.I have already been in England. In the future, I would like to be come Home designer or classical dance teacher. What I most like is shopping with my friends, my boy friend, the holidays and laught !!! Good bye, Kiss.

hello everyone !

Hy Guys my name is Catheleen. I’m sixteen. I live in Fontenay-Tresigny (at approximately forty five minutes of Paris) I have two sisters: Virginie, she has twenty four (she is a teacher) and Cécile, she has twenty (she is a goats woman). I’m very sporting, I practical synchronised swimming and judo, dance and I made horsemanship. I love to leave with my buddies in Disney village and yes we are lucky we live beside Disney. I love music and I listen to all the musics particulary Augustana, nickelback ....... I play drumps and begin to learn guitare.I love New-York and I want to live in manhattan. My favourites movies are freaky-Friday and my preferred series are Veronica Mars and Heroes.

        C xX "  ( Cathou )

harmony Barlier

Hello, i'm Harmony, I'm 17. i'm in high scool, in literary section. i'm fond of horse riding, i spend all my time with my horse, pikito, i practice art at school and during my free time. I listen to rock'n roll like sum 41, the beatles, the rolling stones... I love to go to Paris, to do the shopping and rest in the famous boroughts of Paris. I have a dog, Lola, she is a coker, she's a little bit stupid, but i love her all the same. I love Tim Burton's films, like charlie and the chocolatry or sweeney todd. About books, I love the autors Amélie Nothomb and Marc Levy. I love to spend time with my friends, they are essential for my balance. my father is a gangster, and my mother is a junkie xD.


My name is Romance,I am17 years.I live in a town in quoted by Paris.I am french,I want to study in the literature.Otherwise except the secondary school I like going out with my friends,I listen to a lot of music and my passion is dance:hip_hop. I also like piercing and tatoos. I double my second and my surname at the secondary school is "barbie" because I like very much the pink! I have 3sisters and 1brother,6nephews end nieces! My house is near Disney Land. My favorite film is "Street Dancer". I like making shops the week end because I like the fashion! Later,I would like to go to visit the United States and the favorite Algerie.My favorite language is Spanish. I hope that we shall have full of common points to laught well. By By Kisss ...Romance...

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