To DysneyLand, a new scenic railway was born. It draw one’s inspiration from the universe of the dreams. No, you do not dream. More than a roundabout, it is a magnificent journey. This time, contrary to the other attractions as Space Mountain who assures the strong sensations; this scenic railway wants to make sensation with the spectacular. The attraction is thus less violent but it is not less interesting because you cross in several different worlds. This world are very amazing and enchanting, All more crazy some than the others, as you never have it imagine thanks to the tremendous technical work which DysneyLand displayed.

“It was fantastic! Said Sarah, 11 years old. We crossed at first a forest in the night enlightened by fireflies, between trees we perceived in secret faunae, elfs with ! And just like that, we dived into the lake, we were under the water, dolphins and sirens swam close of us. We are surfaced for spun straight ahead towards the sky. We flew very high when suddenly a Chinese dragon appeared and “danced “around our train. It is great, it is a pity that it is so short!”

“It is staggering! Bluffing! Said Michelle, 46 years old with his 2 children. Everything seems so real! It is incredible! It is absolutely striking of realism! I made it 3 times in succession with my children and the most amazing is that every tour was different. We passed in a new place every time!”

You will have understood it, it is about simple cardboard sets and about puppets. You travel through computer generated images in a striking realism. Poets and adventurers of any age shall find there.