This winter, the fabulous theme park of Disneyland Paris opens its doors with a new attraction : The Wall-E Race

Leave to l' venture with your companion in an unrestrained race in the search of his fabulous Eve friend. In this fantastic world, you traverse various universes and will meet all the famous characters of film ! This attraction will have required eight month with its construction and more than a dozen designers. Do not hesitate any more, give life to robots Disney !

Accessible as well to small as large, our corresponding on the spot : Melinda Karl, brought back many testimonies.

« I liked this attraction ! That can appear rather childish, but one is quickly took with the plays. I advise it, really ! » (A French teenager, name of Lindsey B.)

« I like Wall-E and to make all the attraction with him, it is cool ! » (An English little boy, of the name of Nicolas S.)

« I may be thirty five years old and not have seen the film, if we like the speed and to move everywhere, then we have that a single envy : begin again ! » (A German man, of the name of Patric P.)