DSC00219.JPGThe little ladie's miss tower

We are in Walt Disney World where a new attraction for small and big has been prepared. We will ty to have the first impression whose have the joy to discover it. First a little boy about six years old: Question:: How do you feel? A: I have been afraid by the circles and the water jets. But it is wonderful!! To the parents... Q: What do you think about the new attraction? A: It's really a pleasure with this hot summer to receive some water and the way throw the circles look as a no end way. To young ado... Q: How did discovered the new attraction? A: It's qhade that we must wait such a long time for a so little time in the attraction. There is not enough water and it's not jumming so fast to bee afraid.

for concluse the attraction is wondeful for the little children, and for the ado the sensation is different!

By Catherine Paulin for "The little ladie's miss tower."