For Christmas, a new merry-go-round has been create. At first sight, this attraction would be reserved for the youngest people but from its opening we were able to notice that the adults were also hang under the charm on this merry-go-round.To draft this article we have of also to lend ourselves to the experience of the new merry-go-round. It consists has to cross all parks disney by boat under a landscape of ice. During the journey we met all the characters of disney practising the various activities in touch with the snow. In every activity, the boat stops and suggests in voluntary person coming down and playing with characters of disney. This merry-go-round is really pleasant and distracted children proposing activities wich are not already practice by everybody (skate on ice, sled, bobsleigh ..)

Nathan, 9 years old : "It was so funny! I was able to ski with mickey and make a snowball fight with peter piece and alice for the wonderland. I hope I will be able to return to it as soon as possible."

Florian, 34 years old : " It is true that originally I was reluctant when Nathan asked me to make this merry-go-round but as soon as we rose in the boat and by seeing the magnificent snow-covered landscape I regretted nothing more. To see my child enjoying himself so much in the snow called to me my childhood and made me really good feeling."