Discover the new drawing card Jack’s ghost train

Jack's ghost train

            Come to discover the new event at
            Disneyland resort Paris , the drawing

Card Jack and his Ghost train released thursday

December 8th 2008. In The fantastic world of Jack

( Nightmare before Christmas ) you can see some Strange and ugly creatures who will make you Cower. With a very realistic scenery, a gloomy Atmosphere and a bustling and berserk train ; The effect is very GREAT! But it’s advise pregnant Women, young child and cardiac people against Doing this because some things that can be Shocking for sensible soul. You will find plenty Of awful monsters and ghost ‘s holograms galore that Will make have nightmares at night.

Claire : i was very scared by the train because it was very speed but i loved this

John : it was very scary and also funny

Max : it's astonishing!

                                                                                         By Rachel