Today we are from Disneyland Resort Paris were a brand-new ride has been unveilled for this winter, THE SNOWY ROLLER COASTER. This new merry-go-round combine wonderfully shivers with strongs sensations and it is also amazing to be in the moutains near to Paris. The firm expect from this merry-go-round to be a success in order to boost the park, because the last few years, it became a little boring for the adult; in fact Disneyland, with this new riding-school, found a perfect harmony for young and old alike.

Lily Rose, 10 years old : "It's was so amazing! It's the best merry-go-round that I have ever try!"

Maeve, 20 years old : "Oh my gosh! I can't find my words! there were 7 loops, I though that I was about to have a heart attack, increidible!"

Robert, 41 years old : "Because of this Snowy Roller Coaster I have the goose bumps, but it was a very good experience!"

Jacob, 17 years old : 'the best merry-go-round of this park!"