Hey kids, let me tell you the amazing story

of this crazy but sweety junkie.

It was a nice soldier went to the war,

thinking of peace, love and females charms.

Always happy, brave and good hand,

We always see him with a purple band.

Whilst he was in the battlefield,

A general asks him about his yield.

As he always do, he said : "Man, be cool,

Don't do your fool, take holydays,

You'll can change your ways !

And before that he could say Jack Robinson,

He was quickly and simply left like a son.

And not in a place like other normal places.

But in cave called "Bloody laves".

That cave was lived by a huge dragon,

One of his blows can burn you like a oven.

Courageous or peaceful guy ? No matter now.

The poor kid try to move, but we just heard a "Aaaaaaww !"

Nonetheless, we could seen something strange :

Next to a dragon's lace,

We could see a smile into the junkie's face.

__ Gorgui__