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lun. 05 mai 08

Results of the April competition

Congratulations to the winners of the month!

Number 1 : Sea, sex and sun by Justine and Catherine

Number 2 ex aequo : Bob by Catherine and Valentin / Mégane and Sabrina

Number 3 : The best friend by Gaëlle and Léa

Watch out for the last competition of the school year ;-)

sam. 05 avr. 08


One day I saw a very pretty women
She was nice and her name was Charlene
Her hair was long and fair as golden thread

I met her in a swimming pool and I fall in loves
Her skin wasn't pink, she was suntannes
And her eyes were such as the seas

Finally she spock with me, her voice was honney
We wenet to a restaurants and I gave the money
Three months later we got married

When she will die, I will seel my heart
to preserve her beautiful soul on earth
And give her all what I have

P.S: I'm sorry to be late I thought we was saturday 4th april it's an error sorry

ven. 04 avr. 08

by mégane and sabrina

Since I was born your smile illuminate my life

Near your love I feel in safety.

You are the most beautiful mother and wife

I ever saw. You know, you are so pretty.


You're the one who really perfecty know me,

And you're like my best friend of my existence.

You always laugh, and thanks to it I can see

Your white teeth.Listen tu your voice give me assurance.


Mom, I simply want to say you that I love you.

You're the most wonderful woman I know

And certainly the most courageous too.

I need you and your love, you know ...


To all the maruellous mummy in the world.

(mégane chasserieau and sabrina chahi)

the robot

My robot's misbehaving.

It won't do as I say.

It will not dust the furniture

or put my toys away.

My robot never helps me

with homework or my chores.

It doesn't do my laundry

and neglects to clean my floors.

It claims it can't cook dinner.

It never makes my bed.

No matter what I ask of it,

it simply shakes its head.

My robot must be broken.

I'll need to get another.

Until that day, I have to say,

I'm glad I have my mother.

A crazy love..by Enrique & Jose

You tell me that you need me,

Then you go and cut me down

You tell me that you love me

Didn't think I'd turn around

When I see your smile

My heart started to beat for you

And i ran a mile,

But I Start to get tired because of you

A thousand miles seems pretty far

I’d walk to you if I had no other way

but they’ve got planes and cars

Would take your breath away

There were not planes and cars

They went all to the stars

I walk all the night like a camel


Enrique Blanco & Jose Ledesma

jeu. 03 avr. 08


Every time we embrace, I go to that far away place when we just walk hand in hand. I'm in never, never land.

Whenever I look into jour eyes, I begin to get butterflies, Then my heart skips a beat, And our lips passionately meet.

You are always on my mind, Your face is all it can find. I think about you every day and know it'll work out somehow, some way.

Some say we're dumb and foolish Some say we should do as we wish But all my heart could ever do Is tell you that I'll always LOVE YOU.

BoOb :D

By Catherine Paulin and Lazzarini Valentin 2nd1

It is yellow
As a color of the rainbow
He lives in the sea
And his best friend is a star of the sea

It resembles a sponge square
And it has not hair
He lives in a pineapple
And not in an apple

He lives in the town of Bikini Bottom
Or the place of his home
Try to find
If you have time..

Sea, Sex & Sun.



Sea, Sex & Sun.

She was reclining in the wild green grass,
As a note which was enlarging upon a score.
She exorcised her strange pleasure on Hardcore,
Her influence of the plentiful vibrancies was coming back on the surface.
The perfume reminded her of the fullness of the Reggae,
All acrobatic vibrations of her mind resulted from the fantastic.
There was a charm of swinging rhythm which was liberated by Folk music,
There's no better method to make somebody gay.
A tune of Pop music did whirl her green high-cut dress.
A King did explode the Rock'n'Roll at the tip of his revolver.
Being dependent on the musical evasion is the most flamboyant power !
This poem is more or less like music, it's a real mess !
By Justine & Catherine.
Work by Trevor Brown.

"CHICKEN RUN" by Julie the producer of Overgro

When I was harless child,

I used to pursue a hen around the field.

And often I felt when it's startled,

Because its feathers looked me blind.


I love to draw its plump body

With its frilly tutu, like a bridal

Wich have from foot to foot, rascal,

To pick at a creepy-crawly.


At mornings, when it moved his rump,

I look behond his dark tillbox

To discover a treasure box

Wich I will take a running jump.

This poem reminds me when I was 8 with 3 cats, 1 fat rabbit and my 3 hens wich called "Petit Lu", "Houpette" and my favorite, "Igor" ! ;)


mer. 02 avr. 08

o_o The love of a lost person o_o

  • I have a dream, believe
  • Your gestures, smooth and caring
  • For one day act of receiving
  • And so that my heart live
  • But a day, death took you away from me
  • Just your smell stayed
  • My eyes are become red
  • Because you is not any mor thee, have lost it you and me
  • It was yo who gave a sense to my life
  • I can not live without you
  • I am so much i'm need of a grandfather, of you
  • I like you so much that, my life is only a grief . . .

grand pere

The Best Friend by Gaelle and Lea

I know her since the nursery school

At that time everything was cool

We had many similarities

With ours faults and ours qualities


She is tall and skinny

 Her eyes are green and she's dusky

She is nice , funny , cleaver

Genius , lucky and practical joker


But one day she left me

And she went to Miami

She is such as a migrant bird

With the spirit of a young hummingbird


She returned to see me every summer

And she tell me her new life and its better

Her friendship have any end

That's why she is my best friend

0o0 Perfect Man 0o0

You are very beautiful and smart

But intelligent and good friend too.

You are in my heart

And I would like kissing you.


You are very nice with me.

I’ll always think you are marvellous

When I am with you I am happy

For all situations, you are courageous.


I think you're  tender.

And I have very confidence.

In you and I would like you are my lover,

And with you all things have a sens.




By Johanna F. and Anaïs B.

mar. 01 avr. 08

*~*~* Love Story *~*~*

It was a beautiful summer day
The sun was shining intensely,
It was a day of holiday
A beautiful woman named Holly

Met her prince charming
Once they saw they fell in love
The elegant man offered her a ring
At this point in the blue sky, fly a couple of dove

They walked together until sunset
They discussed then exchanged a long kiss
Later they were married in the Massachusset
And they had a baby girl they called Alice


By Rachel & Camille


lun. 31 mar. 08

A wonderful girl...

It was a sunny day of spring,

The birds in the sky was singing,

This day was bautiful like a rainbow,

And the heart of a girl was crossed by an arrow.

Laetitia was walking under the blue sky,

And she was watching the butterfly.

She was dreaming of her lover and her.

Their love will be the best for ever.

She was such a red rose, she was sparkling.

With her cheerfulness, her tenderness, she was smiling.

Happy together, Laetitia and Julien would like to marry,

And then to have a bautiful baby.

By Romance and Kevin


They have a love-hate relationship

Every day, i will want to be in your dreams,
Every day, my love for you will can to cream
Yourself, I will hate to imagine that you didin't belong to me,
I will dislike to think that you go without me.

Your eyes are such stars wich shinne, bosically of my heart,
Like a fire that when you aren't there, reheart
Me, with the time, I have more and more fear of lose
You, but, with me, I will keep your rose.

Than now, I forbidde your of move,
And some if my sentiments didn't choose,
It won't stay any more wich a tear on my sweet face.
Our love will collapse and the time will pass.

Poem by Harmony B. and Aurore L.

dim. 30 mar. 08

Do not fall in love ...!

You are very Comic

And big romantic 

I am very in love

When you take your gloves


I am what I am

When I am in your Arms

When you go in my house

You illuminate my eyes


We make fun of it besides

Just you and I

In very good time

We each other loves


In my greatest and better dream,
I can fly like an eagle.
With his wings and his scream,
I can scat the trouble.

My second unbelieveble imagination,
I swim like a black shark in the see.
When my exploration,
I hunt fish I have never see.

But in reality, I'm a person
Who's sleeping the night.
My days are real like a boxer on
the ring who is aggree to fight.

ven. 28 mar. 08

the man unknown

You eyes so blue

Its is what i like about you

Your kindness

Malicious less and less

Marvellous more and more

Cheeks you above board ?


I like to be close to you

I fell that there is something

Your kisses make me dream

This heart it's beat,beat for only you

You have taught to me that people were not so bad

Above all in your compagny it's not if hard !

Catheleen and Alisson


mar. 25 mar. 08

My Poem

Tell me where you stand?
why did you go without saying goodbye?
Come back and take my hand,
I want to fly looking in your eyes.

I wish you miss me
I know you're somewhere
Your blue eyes are all I can see
I need you it's not fair...

I don't care what they say
they think I'm going crazy
i try to walk away
but you’re the one for me

I gave my heart for you
You promise we would last
Now my heart is in two
you gave up on me too fast

Anastasia Karanfilovic

ven. 14 mar. 08

Not everybody is spoilt by nature.



In the middle of the purple forest

The fairy was going to arrest

A little imp who was making a barbecue,

Near a waterfall which was blue.


A friend of the elf suddenly arrived.

When the fairy saw them she cried

Because both of them were ugly!

The first one said “Oh, we are sorry!”.


The lady answered that it was an offense to beauty,

And they had to give her a strawberry candy.

But the sweet was poisoned and it did itch

And little by little she turned into a witch.


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