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lun. 11 fév. 08



Hambergur' AC


Abready dreamed to go to Mac Donal whithout you move?Yes but,it is not impossible,as now precipitate on Hambur'ac who will carryout your dream,with a technology ever seen starding from today.It will make all hamburgers that you will ask him with the meat that you want,as well as sauce simply buy pods that can be found in all the malls.The price for this Hambur'Ac is juste $400 and the package of pods to $5.

To finish your meal learn the Mac 'As.This is equivalent to the Mac Fleury Mac donal.

Catheleen and Alisson (in the pictures)

dim. 10 fév. 08

Colourful Chewing Gum

"The colourful chewing gum, the chewing gum with many colors and many savors" The colourful chewing gum is a chewing gum with fours colors red, blue, yellow and green. One color=one savor.Red is for strawberry, yellow is for lemon, green is for mint and blue is for blueberry. You can eat all the chewing gum and it's an explosion of tastes or you can separe the four savors if you prefer eat the chewing gum savor by savor.You can create mix, lemon with mint or blueberry with mint...you are the chef. It's not expansive only 3.50£ for a pack of 20 colourful chewing gum.So don't wait and go to the supermarket for buy them and feel the power of the mix.

"Overgro" ( tribute to Pierro)


The Appliance to Transform Clothes

Want, transform ... and acquire !

The rule of this machine is very simple : it suffice to choose clothe which don't please, or that is blotted for instance, and to put it in the machine. Your clothe take out again then in a dress, trousers, in all taht you wanted. For example, if you put old blue jeans made a hole in the appliance and that you ask the place for fashion blue jeans, you will have it !! And if you wish couturiels clothes, you have only to ask ! The Appliance to Transform Clothes will give you all that you will wish.

price : 200£ label : ATC ( Appliance Transform Clothes )

A. LAFORET - H. BARLIERmachine to transform clothes

The Perpetual Motion


The Perpetual Motion, by Justine DELOZANNE & Catherine CHAGNOT

sam. 09 fév. 08

Shoes Innovation

Mouhahaaa Choose our new product : Shoes Innovation !!! It’s not very expansive, only 25 £. Those are shoes with reaction, amounting to 15 cms of the floor. It exist in different colors. It doesn’t product a lot of pollution and it’s also ecological. It’s very pratical because it can be used such as normals shoes. You’ll never be late anymore thanks to it : just a press and you are already left !!! You really should buy it...

You’ll be a sensation, with your Shoes Innovation !

By Sabrina Chahi & Mégane Chasserieau

SpEeD tImE

The first machine to teleport

the first machine to teleport

This device is easy to carry it can be put in your bag or in your pocket. It is composed of a menu to choose between the various options, a touchscreen and other things. To use it you simply type in your address and to press Enter. It's machine can be useful anytime anywhere. Warning: it is inadvisable to travel to many with one machine. It is one machine by people

           Travel anywhere without any worries

Only 50 £

                                                                        by Anais & Rachel

ven. 08 fév. 08


gif letters in chocolate gum

The " object" is a candy nammed " LETTERS IN CHOCOLATE - GUM " . It's as a chewing-gum but with the flavour of the chocolate . It's every colors of the rainbow with the form of the letters of the alphabet so in the box there are 26 letters in chocolate - gum !

You can buy it in supermarkets and in bookshops for the price of (= 2.50 euros)

It's used to learn the alphabet to the children and to make pleasure !

At this time there is an offer on sale : buy 2 boxs for the price of one !!

************************************************************************************* **Buy then chew up INTELLIGENTLY with "LETTERS IN CHOCOLATE-GUM" ** *************************************************************************************

jeu. 07 fév. 08

An automatic pen!!!

Johanna et Kévin (projet pub

By Johanna and Kévin

sam. 19 janv. 08


NEW MAKE ....... Mister.meuh

It's like the curate's egg, it is new brooms sweep clean

It's not expensive at all 3£

You never find good chocolate for your children. Her we have what you look for, this little delicious chocolate.

Ingredients: - lemon to have white teeth

                      -carot to be kind    
                     -of course cacao for chocolate 
                      - milk not to vomic
The factory have want hang on the secret of dose. all of this in Mister.meuh, is delicate, soft, beautiful, and delicious, look like a bull, don't hesitate go fast in your favorite supermarket to try it,

chop chop there some have anymore

mar. 11 déc. 07

laetitia gil gomes

1st 3points:Christmas around the world quizz Par Valeria V. le mer 05 dec 07, 04:56

2nd 2 points :christmas ahumada claret Par Julien C. le mer 05 dec 07, 20:37

3th 1 points :christmas quizz all around the world Par Enrique B. le mer 05 dec 07, 03:38

  laetitia gil gomes

lun. 10 déc. 07

Vote by michel

3 points for "Christmas around the world quizz" by Valeria Villaseñor Conchita De Mendizabal ; 2 points for "Christmas in China" by Jose Ledesma & Enrique Blanco ; 1 points for "Christmas quizz" by Eduardo and Cynthia

mer. 05 déc. 07

Christmas Quizz


1)Who give the present to the children in Spain?

A.Santa Claus B.The three wise men C.Saint Nicolas

2)When the spanish children have got their presents?

A.25 december B.6 january C.11 november

3)How to say « Merry Christmas » in Portugal?

A.Feliz natal B.Feliz navidad C.Buon natale

4)What is the traditionnal dish for christmas in Germany?

A.stuffed goose B.breaded fish C.Potatoes

5) In Bulgary the christmas dish :

A.contain meat B.is vegetarian C.contain meat and vegetables

6)In switzerland for christmas the children haven't got presents.

A.True B.False

7)Christmas is a celebrate religious

A.True B.False

8)In Austria christmas's celebrates begin the first day of december

A.True B.False

9)In Moldavie the celebrates last 17 days

A.True B.False

10)In Greece there is no christmas tree

A.true B.False

11)Why Father Christmas is red and white?

12)Witch animals is eating in the Antilles for christmas?

13)What is the season in Australia for christmas?

14)How portugueses kill the turkey for christmas?

15)In Swiden what Father Christmas ask before enter in the house?

mar. 04 déc. 07

Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan

1) How to decide your Christmas in Japan who come from English Christmas?:

A) kurisumasu b) kuruma c) kankoku

2) Is what Christmas is a national holiday in Japan?:

A) Yes b) No

3) The meal is he different from that of other countries?:

A) Yes b) No

4) How said t'on Santa Claus who owns it syllable santa.....su?

A) santagitasu b) santakurousu

5) Who ton especially famous?

A) fir b) Saint c) Saint-Noel

6) In Japan on Christmas Day (hence Dec. 24) it is not quite as festive Christmas tune?

A) The Valentine b) Saint-Goerge

7) In Japan Cities are with lights illuminate:

A) Many b) A little c) Grandiose ment

8) How are trees in Japan?

A) Plastic b) Invisible Man c) rice

9) With your celebrating Christmas? (Attention several reply)

A) couple b) Family c) Between Friends d) Between cats and dogs

10) How much time celebrating your Christmas?

A) 1Jours b) 1week c) 4Jours

Christmas quiz by Romance and Michel

1- True or false: Christmas is a Christian’s feast that celebrates the birth of Nazareth’s Jesus.

2- True or false: the date of Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar is Jan. 7?

3- True or false: The main items are Christmas trees, Christmas turkey, Christmas log...?

4- True or false: there are some thirty countries affected by this religious festival?

5- True or false: The first tree would have appeared with the Christ’s birth?


6- How Christmas period appeared to United Nation? a. X century b. XIII century c. XVI century d. XIX century


7- Who is the Christmas in Spain? a. Christmas Father b. Santa Claus c. The Magi

8- Who are their names? Melchior – Balthazar - Gaspar

9- What is the important symbol of their country? a. Crèche b. Fir c. Christmas Statues

10- What are the typical Spanish desserts? Turroń – Mazapàn - Polvorones

11- What days runs the “Tio” a. Dec.13 b. Dec.25 c. Jan.7


12- Who is the Christmas in Spain? a. Christmas Father b. Santa Claus c. The Magi

13- True or false: the name of the German Christmas market is the “Fröhliche Weihnachten”?


14- When the most important part of Christmas in Poland a. Dec.13 b. Dec.16 c. Dec.18 d. Dec.24

15- True or false: The Polish Christmas menu is composed of twelve dishes?

A colourful version with pictures is available on this document (see "annexe") ;-)

TALOU Romance – CARBONNEAUX Michel – Seconde 1

questionnaire de noël

par cati & boubou


1: In germany, who's personality do they celebrate for christmas?

a:Santa Claus

b:christmas father

c:mickey mouse


2: what do they catch on the out doorfor christmas?

a:a small statue of Santa Claus

b:a crown made with tree branches

c:a red hat looking as christmas father



3:In Italia, how long last the celebration of christmas time?

a: three days

b: one week

c: seven days


4: who bring toy's in Italia?

a: la befana

b: la cefana

c: la fabena



5: what did we eat for christmas in China?

a: a traditional chinese meal

b: a special cold meal to remember the north country

c: a special western meal



6: do they celebrate christmas in Corea?

a: yes

b: no

c: not really



7: wich kind of ingredients use the Jordania to make there cakes?

a: dried fruits, rhum, cognac

b:crystallized fruits, wine, champagne

c: vegatables, grenadine, apple sirup



8: generally, in the house the christmas tree is?

a: in wood

b: in plastic

c: in metal


9: what the name of christmas father in Brazil?

a: papoï noël

b: papeï noël

c papaï noël



10: what are doing the spanish childrens during the magic night of 24 december?

a: celebrate the christmas father

b: celebrate bob l'eponge

c: they make the tree's celebration


11: what make the spanish people during the twelve clock's of 31 december?

a: they eat make twelve grapes

b: they eat twelve peanuts

c: they eat twelve apples



12: what are doing the childrens during the night of 24 december?

a: they make snow balls

b: they sing the calandas

c: they go to the church



13: After christmas how many days last the festive season?

a: they don't last

b: 2 - 3 days

c: 4 - 5 days



14: When begin the festive season?

a: September

b: October

c: November


15: When finish the festive season?

a: very late in december

b: very late in january

c: very late in february


QUIZZ... Christmas QUIZZ...


1. Why does G.W.Bush save a turkey before Christmas ?

A. He wants a new pet B. To celebrate Thanksgiving C. For his dinner


2. What's the name of the English Christmas cake ?

A. Pins cake B. Pudding C. Crakers


3. How do you say « the profet's born » ?

A. « Manodou » B. « Mamadou » C. « Moaloud »


4.What are you celebrating 9 days before Christmas ?

A. Cock's mass B. Donkey's mass C. Dog's mass


5.What are you doing after Cristmas ?

A. The Running Day B. The Boxing Day C. The Eatting Day


6.What French food can you eat at Christmas ?

A. Christmas log B. Hot chest nut C. A turkey


7.How do you say « Merry Christmas and happy new year » ?

A. « Mijad dij anan said » B. « Malid janam wajid said » C. « Milad majid wa aam said »


8.What's the St Basiles cake ?

9.A. The Bassilopitas cake C. The melomakaronas cake C. The kourabiedes's cake


9.What's the only meat that you can eat at Christmas ?

A. Mutton B. Chicken C. Pork


10.What does happen in November, 25th ?

A. Santa Claus lands on a supermarket's roof B. You discover your first present C. You do a fest


11.How does arrive St Nicolas ?

A. On a boat B. On a horse C. On a sledge


12.What is the Adventskranz ?

A. A cake B. The crib C. A crown

lun. 03 déc. 07

¨¨¨¨ Happy Christmas ¨¨¨¨

1) What is the cake of Christmas in England ?

a-frost b-pudding c-rough-hew

2) How write "Noël" in English ?

a-Cristmas b-Christmas c-Chrismas

3) In Germany, who gives candies with the nice children ?

a-Mr Bogeyman b-Father Christmas c-Saint Nicolas

4) In the world when begin the advent calender ?

a-On the first december b-On the thirtieth november c-On the second december

5) How much are there of the wise meen ?

a-3 b-6 c-2

6) In Australia is it snow the Christmas day ?

a-Yes b-No

7) What happens on the 24 th december in the Catholic religion ?

a-The birth of Father Christmas b-The hour go to the church c-The birth of Christ

8) What is the name of animal known which come with the Father Christmas go around presents ?

a-dog b-reindeer c-donkey

9) How many of reindeer has the Father Christmas ?

a-12 b-6 c-8

10) Who is the Father Christmas ?

a- a big nice Mr with a beard dressed in red with pink hih heeled shoes. b- a big nice Mr dressed in red who is dragged by his gremlins. c- a big nice Mr dressed in red with a blue beard

11) What do they make on the 24th december in Norway ?

a-they deposit candles on tombs. b-they sing songs. c-they watch TV.

12) In Poland, how many days hard thr period of Christmas ?

a-3 days b-7 days c-13 days


ven. 30 nov. 07

:.:.:.:.:Christmas tradition:.:.:.:.:

1- On what date in Poland have their children gifts ?

2- In poland, before Christmas meal children have directed our gaze to the sky because they expect:

A. the appearance of the first star
B-the emergence of an elf
C- rain

3- In Russia, which is what distributes gifts to children?

4- In Russia, when celebrate Christmas?

5- How long does the celebration of Christmas in Germany?

6- How the Germans called the feast of Christmas?


7- In Spanish, how called the day of December 24?

8- What is the confectionery that the Spaniards eat at Christmas?

9- What eats English at the end of Christmas meal?

10- What is the Christmas Carols?

Good luck to answer our questions, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

                                                    quizz by Rachel and Anais

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