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Introducing oneself

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jeu. 11 oct. 07

^_^ HELLO ^_^

I'm Quentin and i'm 15 years old.I live in a town in quoted by Paris.I've one sisters who she has 20 and her name Pauline.I study English,German and Japanese.I like Tennis,i love rock I love band Linkin Park,Green Day,Good Charlotte and the rock Japanese.I adore the film "300".I love play __COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE__ __¤_¤__.My favorite subject is video game.I read a lots of books (cosmic,manga).I love Naruto,Satan 666,Death Note.I have a dog ,a cat,a fish. Quentin


I'm michel and i am 15 years old. I've one sister who she has 12 and her name is Coralie. I'v a dog, it's a femel who is Mady. I live in a village, near the highschool, "Marles en brie". At school, I don't like the litterary subjects but i like the scientifique subjects. My activities are basketball, listening to music and play of the computer's game.


PS: I hate read



My name is vincent. I am 15. i live in  town in quoted by Paris. I am studient in of seconde. I spike little spanish and eglish. I love a mechanic sport like a bike, a motor bike and a cars. I like the rock and a reggae. i doesn't like a rap. I like going to see my friend. I like see a tv and play a video games. My favorite video games is mx vs atv. My expression favorite is: houlalala! my band is likin park , Avril lavigne and Bob Marley.


                               ****goog bye ****


____HeLlO MeXiCo!!__ my name iscatherine and my nickname is cati, I am 17 years old, and I double my second!! I like travelling my favorite country is Brazil i have already been to Algeria, Hungary, Italy, Austria, England, Germany and Spain, but why one day Mexico? I listen to a lot of music especially rock, house and techno. I am of Algerian origins by my father and oh Hungarian by my grand father. My favorite school subjects are the history, french, arts but we cannot say that I am a head in English!! lol Otherwise I have a younger sister who is 15 years and half a sister and half a brother who life in Algeria I does not see them a lot. If not being small I lived in Paris, but now I live in a small village, which names Lumigny, so lost in the countryside that too much difficult to find it!! lol and definitely veils what I can say on me and definitely bientot has kiss!! by: *cati*__

:.:.:.:Hello everybody!!!:.:.:.:

Hello! My name is Anaïs and Nana is my nickname. I was born on September 29th 1992 and I am 15 years old. I have a sister and a brother, she is 18 years old and he is 21 years old. I also have  a cat and a dog. My cat is called Kitty and my dog is called Nina. I live in Fontenay-Trésigny, in France. My favorite band is Black Eyed Peas. I like dancing, singing, playing at the computer, watching the television, surfing on the Internet and listening to music. My favorite colours is turquoise blue, purple, pink and red. I visited England and Germany. I am lazy and greedy. My favorite animals are cats. My favorite manga is One Piece. My favorite music is all music especially R&B. And I hate school, vegetables, hard rock and history. (L) (L)I LOVE YOU AND BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(L) (L) :p:pAnaïs:p:p

Thomas alias Thomangas

My name is Thomas Welsch, I have 15 years old, I'm french but to spanish and Italian. I have a dog and two cats, the cats are female and they are fat, the dog is shy. I listen to ROCK, my favorite singer (c'est un groupe mais je sais pas comment on dit) is (are) Linkin Park. I love drawing and all person say "It's beautiful!" My hobbies favorite is tell stupid jokes because all person not speak after and they are very crazy at the end because it's NOT crazy. My expression favorite is: "Nothing men is ugly, nothing men is beautiful; the girl don't like or like."

Hello everybody my name is Arsène

My name is Arsene Pires and my nickname is Arsou.I was born on 5 february 1992.I am 15 and I live in Voinsles with my 3 brothers:Jonathan(21 years),Jérémy(20 years) and Abel(7 years),my mother Perrine my father Antonio and my dog Flora I like playing football with my brothers and my friends.I listen rock and rap I love Nirvana The Offspring and Queen I speak french,a little English and a little Spanish. I read a lots of books (Lord of the rings,cosmic,manga) and i often watch movies and I love Naruto I often play to World of Warcraft and Warcraft III .I love all MMORPG but my favourite video game is Guitar Hero During the hollydays I go to Portugal and with school I want to Italy


My name is Kévin and I am sixteen. I am a student at the high school of "La tour des dames" in Rozay-en-Brie. My form is second one. I have one brother, he is twenty years old. My favourite singers are Fergie, Rihanna and Mika. I live in Touquin. I love going to the cinema with my friends and listening to music. My favourite movie actress is Ellen Pompeo. My favourite series is Grey's anatomy. I went to Cannes for my holidays and in Portugal, because I am of Portuguese origins.

By Kévin, Bye!!!



Hello, My name is Valentin, Boubou is my nickname, I am 16 years old, I live in Fontenay Tresigny. I study at the secondary school of Rozay in Brie. I study English and German. I have a brother, he is 18 years old and a sister of 24 years old. I like to go to the cinema, to Val d'Europe it's a mall,to Paris, the music (rock, techno...), I spend time with my friends and my girlfriend lol. My favorite subject is history. In the future I would like to be a designer or in the history. My blog is [http://ooboubouoo.skyblog.com]. Bye =)


I'm harmony ,I'm sixteen year. I live in vilbert a small village next to a school . I love music and I listning Adrianna Poly , Superbus ,Madmoiselle K and Christophe Willem I hate science and math . My favorite addiction is horse-riding and golf . My father is a decorator and designer , my mother is a psychologiste . Later I would be a speech therapist. . I love going to the chop in paris with my freends and my parents . I have a dog and a horse . I love going to the cine and disney whith my freends and I love visited a museem and a art gallery with my familly . To know about it a little more about me you can go to see my blog . http://missblodeattitude.skyblog.com



!My name is Romance,I am16 years.I live in a town in quoted by Paris.I am french,I want to study in the literature to become air hostess.Otherwise except the secondary school I like going out with my friends,I listen to a lot of music and my passion is dance:hip_hop. I also like piercing and tatoos. I double my second and my surname at the secondary school is "barbie" because I like very much the pink! I have 3sisters and 1brother,5nephews end nieces,soon the sixth! My house is near Disney Land. My favorite film is "Street Dancer". I like making shops the week end because I like the fashion! Later,I would like to go to visit the United States and the favorite Algerie.My favorite language is Spanish. I hope that we shall have full of common points to laught well.  By By Kisss ...Romance...

It's Julie who speaks to you


My name is Julie DUVAL,

I'm 16, and I live in Ormeaux, in the distance of Rozay, (and Disney Land !) when I'm studying in my secondary school. I live with my father, my stepmother and my halfsister some months ago. At some kilometer saw my mother, my stepfather and my half brother. It's not reallly a simple situation but they make there ! ; )

I'm a shy person who is not really tall, not really smal,,, I've got a normal morphology, but I'm at all the time telling myself « I'm fat » ; it so stupid, but it's me ! I've got brown hair and nut eye almost. I'm anxety at all times for nothing,,, I've good a really complicated personality,,, It's just necessary to learn to know me !

I think at all the time (« to be or not to be, that the question,,, ») and if I don't think, I draw : it's a real passion !! With the cinema : My father and me talk all about it ! And, you know what ? My father has producted « The Magic Round About » 3 years ago, but now, he's a idependant artist. I see a psychanalist but, don't be scared, I'm not really crazy ( just a little !!). (laugh) More, I loves animals, not especialy animals,,, A little more fantastics animals, but let us stay on earth !! Last year, I wanted to be a zoologist but my mathematic teatcher told me that I was bad at math and physic (nice !), so I can 't became that I wanted. Sad ! But with the cinema and the drawing, I can be a animator of the cartoon, like was my father !

Well, I talk, I talk, I talk ! (laugh) It's needed to tell me if it's so long, my life ! What ever !! (laugh)

So, see you and I hope that this year will be a very very good year !!!!


PS : I love Harry Potter's book^^


My name is Aurore. I am fifteen years old. I was born in 1992. I live in Guérard in the departement of 77 in the Ile-De-France. It is not very far from Disney and there is also a mall. In some kilometres, there is a castle. I am French. I like the music : the zouk, the r'n'b', the soul dance but i don't like the rap. I hate Spanish but i like the countries who speaks about il. I have neither brothers nor sisters. I have a dog and a cat. My favorite colour is blue. During the summer holidays, i left for Finland, for Norway, for Sweden, during 3 weeks. I also went to the United States : in New-York, Washington and Boston. I am in second and i took as option latin. I would like to become a solicitor. During the holidays which arrives, i am going to leave to Nice with a friend to see my grandmother, my aunt and my uncle which live over there. To know about it a little more about me you can go to see my blog: http://roro77580.skyrock.com .

                                    KISS    bye


My name is Justine, and I am15 years old. I'm only child, I haven't got sister or brother. I enjoy listening music, and I love rock as Noir Desir, Indochine and the new musical stage. I went to many concerts and I play guitare. My favorite film is "The war of the worlds", and I love Desperates Housewife. I like reading too, my authors are Amelie Nothomb, Bernard Weber, Edgar Poe... I visited England, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy. I love travel and I like taste food of Land. I like sport and I make Tennis. My hobby is taking photo of my friends. Around from us, there is Paris, Disney, and a big mall : Val d'Europe. It's fantastic. Good Bye.


Hello, My name is Léa , I am sisteen years old. I was born on the eigteenth of May 1991. I was born in Nogent sur Marne. I have got brown eyes and straight brown hair however. My origins are Italian. My favourites subjects are French and History whereas I not like Maths. I shall want to speech therapist. I love riding-horse whereas I hate spider-webs. I am shy , generous ans patient however I am not lazy. I shall want to live in the south because it is wearn and nice because in the Rosay- en Brie weather is often not very nice and not vey hot. In my space time , I watch T.V in the morning with my little sister. I have got two sisters. I like going to the cinema with my friends. I have got one cat and two dogs. My dog is very big . kiss !


My name is Alisson and i am 15 year orld,i was born on March 19,1992.I live in Faremoutiers;it is in full shift. My nationality is French.I have two twin big brothers of 18years odl and little brother a 10year old.My favorit film is "Save the last dance"and "the Jungle book"for Waldisney. At school i don't like a phisics,English and mathematics.I love a sport my boyfriend and my friends.I like the exits between friends.I already left adroad to Spain and Italy and i would live visited Martinique and Cameroun because i have of the family there low.I do not have style favorit music.My mother is an assistan in a Kindergarter and me i would wish worked in the medical one. The best moment for me in for course of the day it is the meal.Meadous of on our premises there is Disneyland paris,our Paris capital is located has 40min.There is moll cold "Val d'Eueope"a 20min. Byeme

mer. 10 oct. 07


Hello, My name is Johanna Ferreira. I have one sister and one brother.My sister's name is Mélissa and my brother's name is Lucas. I have one dog, her name is Sunsay, it is a rottweiler. I am a student. I am very shy. I was born on 23 october 1992, in Lagny sur marne. I am 14 years old. I always go to the cinema. I don't have a favorite band. I am French but my origin is Portuguese. I go to the Portugal for summer hollidays.

lun. 08 oct. 07


!!!! HELLO !!!! My name is Sabrina. I am fifteen years.I live in Courpalay next to the high school. I have one brother, his name is Erwan, he is three years. I have a dog, a rottweiler. I am of moroccan origins. My schools subjects prefers are Spanish and English. I live next to Disneyland Paris. I like Disneyland because there are a lot of decorations and there are a big cinema. My activities are swimming, I love listen the music (r&b,reageton,soul) and I like go to the malls. I want to work in New York because I would like to be air hostess, I love travel. I already follow go in Italia, Spain and in Morocco. I want go to England. My blog is http://sabrina606.skyrock.com. GOOD BYE !!!! kiss


<Digimax S500 / Kenox S500 / Digimax Cyber 530>HELLO , I am Gaëlle and I am 16 soon : I was born in March the third in 1992.I live n Faremoutiers near Disneyland Resort Paris ! I am a student in the highschool of " Rozay en Brie ". I am not shy at all ! I am a smiling girl and I am generous . I love todo shopping with my friends in a big mall and I love listening to music . My favorite dish is lasagna because my mother is Italian ! I listen to rock music or pop music such Queens , The Police and The Rolling Stones . I have got a sisters named Audrey ; I have got four fisches and one cat ( I like animals) I like English and Spanish very much and I want to become an interpreter . In may 2007 I went to Barcelona (Spain) I have got a blog : http://patato077.skyblog.com (Good visit)



Hello !

My name is Rachel, i'm 15 years old, i am a student at the hight school La Tour Des Dames.I have one brother and one sister, my brother is twenty two years old and my sister is twenty years old. I live in Fontenay Trésigny in France. I have a dog, her name is Taiga. I like eating, i am very greedy !! : ), i like listening music, watching TV, surfing on the internet, chocolate, my friends etc ...... My favorite colour is green. I love music rock and my favorite band is Nickelback, my favorite movies are horror movies and action movies. Thank you for reading my presentation

  Bye !

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