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ven. 04 avr. 08

the robot

My robot's misbehaving.

It won't do as I say.

It will not dust the furniture

or put my toys away.

My robot never helps me

with homework or my chores.

It doesn't do my laundry

and neglects to clean my floors.

It claims it can't cook dinner.

It never makes my bed.

No matter what I ask of it,

it simply shakes its head.

My robot must be broken.

I'll need to get another.

Until that day, I have to say,

I'm glad I have my mother.

A crazy love..by Enrique & Jose

You tell me that you need me,

Then you go and cut me down

You tell me that you love me

Didn't think I'd turn around

When I see your smile

My heart started to beat for you

And i ran a mile,

But I Start to get tired because of you

A thousand miles seems pretty far

I’d walk to you if I had no other way

but they’ve got planes and cars

Would take your breath away

There were not planes and cars

They went all to the stars

I walk all the night like a camel


Enrique Blanco & Jose Ledesma

mar. 25 mar. 08

My Poem

Tell me where you stand?
why did you go without saying goodbye?
Come back and take my hand,
I want to fly looking in your eyes.

I wish you miss me
I know you're somewhere
Your blue eyes are all I can see
I need you it's not fair...

I don't care what they say
they think I'm going crazy
i try to walk away
but you’re the one for me

I gave my heart for you
You promise we would last
Now my heart is in two
you gave up on me too fast

Anastasia Karanfilovic

lun. 18 fév. 08


No more guilty feelings after a cigarette! No more suffering lungs!

With the newest technology FS´s has brought to you, you will be able

to smoke without endangering you health and everyone´s around!

Introducing a revolutionary product: Electronic Cigarettes

Same sensation, same taste... Nothing changes but the fact you will be able to run without feeling exhausted and will no longer be exposed to mortal diseases. The product´s duration is about 20 min. so you can either smoke it or turn it off for another ocasion. Made with no toxic materials, and using solar energy, this device costs $19,99.

Your lungs deseve to live...you too!

Brought to you by FS´s

                                                                                    Vanden Broeck Fabio, García-Lopez Sebastian.

mar. 12 fév. 08


Hey students are you tired and have enough of carrying all those heavy school bags? Well if you are, don’t panic because we've got the solution, thanks to the "Electrobook". The Electrobook is an amazing electronic workbook that has many utilities. It has the same size of a normal book but instead of being of paper, it has the touch screen technology included, a palm pen which let you write without problem, a headphone entrance and a little scanner. Now listen, and be breath taken because when you are finished to write, you can erase your writings or save them on a folder and if you have to stick a paper forget it and scan it! Much easier isn't it? The package includes a memory card of 8GB and a USB cable. The USB cable allows you to put in your favorite photos and music. What is more astonishing is that the book doesn't need to be changed by batteries because it charges it self by a solar panel. Here is the whole explanation, now trough out your heavy and numerous books and buy the ELECTROBOOK! It is now for sale in any library of the world for the amazing and simple price of ₤99.99

We are pleased to work for you! I hope you are putting on your jacket to go to your favorite library. Good bye and thanks for buying our product.



Presenting the new MULTI-GLASSES™ designed to be more than simple sun glasses. They can become: -Night vision glasses (for not hitting with furnitures when you are walking at night to the bathroom) -X-ray vision (to use it as a security device for the cops to locate the illicite products they want) -Multi-colored vision(adjusted filters to see through the glasses with different colors) -Music player (to listen your favourite music through included headphones) -Bluetooth™ system to get every kind of file in your glasses(music, pictures, written files...) -All-console videogame player (to play trough the glasses with an included control) -Download TV chanels (to watch them whenever you want) -includes an 16GB Nano SD memo card to save all your information on it

Everything goes only for the amazing prize of ₤200 !!!!!


POWDERED WATER!™ (By Analia and Samir)

Picture yourself in a very very hot desert, thirsty and alone. Done?

Now picture yourself in a very very hot desert with our new product POWDERED WATER!™. Yes, the new concept for portable water. Just add a drop of water (or any liquid into your reach) in your glass or garafe with the POWDERED WATER!™ and after a few minutes you'll get the fresh and delicous water you've been waiting for! 100g of POWDERED WATER!™ are enough to make 3L of water. All this amazing stuff for $2.99.

Susprised? Well, it isn't finished... If you call to 01-900-529-WATER you'll get the 3L capacity garafe.

Call now!!))

The Pen Computer by Jose et Enrique

The revolution in computers was arrived in the world. This new instrument can be use in any place, that's no sooo amaziing?. You can watch anything you want in your computer in any places like the bathroom, the school or the kitchen. And is easy to transport because she consists of only five pen and is easy and you prepare it quickly . Your teacher doesn't know when you will play with your computer..that's awesoomeee..So go to the nearest supermarket and get yours noww..It's easy, funny and cheap. Only $3500. The computer is personal now.

The Sleepillow

__You're tired, but you still can't sleep at night? Try the new sleepillow that will change your life, well actually your nights!!!__

Shaped like a normal pillow, a marvelous flavour of blueberry, rose, jasmin or vanilla is spread all over to help you relax your mind. Filled up with multiple sorts of heathers his texture will bring you a lot of confort and sweet dreams. Don't think twice and sleep well thanks to the sleepillow.
A product of Dormimundo trademark.

( Exists in 4 colories : blue, pink, green and white)
You can get it for only 50$ dollars, so buy it right now I promess you'll love it !!!


By Elise and Anastasia

lun. 11 fév. 08

BiBi friend

Are you feeling lonely ? Are you tired of doing nothing ? Yeah, of course you are!! No worries because here comes BiBi friend !!

BiBi friend is the only one that will stay with you for ever !!

- He talks like a real person!!
- He has mp3 player!
- And a camera inserted !!
- He doesn't need any batteries , that's for sure!! 
- He will always watch Tv with you!!! so you will never feel alone  again!!!
- You will never need any other friend, isn’t that great!!
- But remember, never leave him beside, or else...

Caution: Do not ever leave him alone. We dont make our selfs responseble for any bad fonction of BiBi friend.

                      We sell your needs.


Have you ever dream to have the perfect son? Have you ever dream to have a brother? Now, you can have it, with the new “Liel robot”, it’s a robot made to be exactly like an human. He can be the way you want to. He also grows up. In this picture, you can see the first “Liel robot” created by “Robots are nature”. This one is a really good singer. Here he’s acting for a new T.V. show. It’s the perfect son, brother and friend. You can buy him now! His price is 100£

dim. 10 fév. 08

kit of the future .. the simple life NADINE ET MARCOS

What's the meaning of a simple life ? Have you aver dreamed about flying ? well, we have this amazing flying red boots, you can really fly, isn't it awesome ?? !! or have you wish to ear music with invinsible earphones ? ( very interesting for boring class of math.. ) or maybe having all you need on the top of your fingers ? (like keys, a pen, a thing that opens your beers hehe, washing your teeth in any moment, or a knife...) we know that you want to have a TV, a cellphone, a computer or a camera.. ( my friends, this is better and the iPone! ) you can have this on your hand !! this is the top of the worl !!! is a new era !!! come on .. call us right now: 01 800- 534 5343 53 or visit us on our web www. isntitamazing.com

if you are one of the 15 first you can get one free, so contact us right now!! don't mess this chance !!

Fordast Enterprises presents the new car XPG Fordast

Fordast Enterprises presents the new car XPG Fordast

You don’t want to drive during long periods of time? You don’t want to stop during a long travel because you are tired? Don’t worry, XPG Fordast has been conceived for you.

This car is the automobile revolution : it’s the first car which doesn’t need a conductor to travel around the world! It dirves it-self! The only action that the user must do is to select the destination on the GPS. Then, it’s the XPG Fordast will do all the job. The XPG Fordast has twelve detectors on the roof. They detect cars, pedestrians, indication panels, lights and fences up to twenty metre around the car. And it’s an ecologic car : the XPG Fordast use solar energy, and he has a rechargeable battery, if there‘s no sun.

It comes in many colors, but our favourite design is inspired on a psychedelic submarine from the 60’s!A cosmic exaggeration! It is dynamite! A mechanic gods creation! The car of the outer space! This is the car of the future and paradoxically from the crazy 60’s ! It’s the car of your dreams and nightmares! What are you waiting for? Spend your money on it! Buy it for only 10 000 $ (it's relativily cheap).



Simplicity and Security is our Priority

By Gabriel Ahumada y Gauthier Pousset




                                                                                     Wash Different.

Introducing the brand new iWash. The revolution in washing machines, now with the new iWash washing clothes has never been so funny and easy.The nightmare of all womens was made the best dream ever. Before womens tried it all to stop using this boring noisy ugly machine. now with the iWash ther prefer stay at home. With hundreds of songs and a goergous display you can enjoy and have a good time while youre clothes are being washed by the finest system of washing that doesnt not need detergeant. The iWash comes with an USB cable, some free clothes and something else...... All that technology for the little price of 699.99£. New updates are to come like chat with your friend hoo has it too and more cool stuff like washing dishes!!! What are you waiting for??!!?!!!? Go out on the street and tell everybody about this! . .. ... .... ..... Are you still there, i tought you were at a store buying your brand new iWash!!!! Goodbye and have a nice wash from all the pear corporation. All right reserved.

jeu. 06 déc. 07

Christmas quiz

1)In Sweden, a common Christmas decoration is the Julbukk, a small figurine of a goat. Of what material is it usually made? a)Candy b)Uranium c)Fir wood d)Straw

2) According to Greek legend, Santa Claus: a)Lives at the top of a mountain. b)Guards sailors at sea. c)Disguises himself as a poor man on Christmas Eve. d)Has a sleigh pulled by horses instead of reindeer.

3)The Russian Orthodox Church has moved the official date of Christmas to: a)December 20th b)January 2nd c)January 6th d)January 7th

4)During the Communist years in Russia, St. Nicholas became known as: a)Grandfather Frost b) Christkindlen c) Sinterklaas d) Nekomich

5)Christians in China call Santa Claus Dun Che Lao Ren, which means: a)Christmas Old Man b)Winter Festival Spirit c)Firecracker-Red Suit

6)In Israel, special celebrations are held at the site of Jesus's birth. In which town or city do these celebrations take place? a)Nazareth b)Jerusalem c)Bethlehem

7)The first nativity scene was displayed in 1223 by St. Francis of Assisi in which country? a)Italy b)England c)Turkey

8)Gebackener Karpfen (Fried Carp),is a traditional dish from: a)Austria b)Hungary c)Australia

9)Klees'chen" is a legend from: a)Turkey b)Luxembourg c)Fiji Islands

10)Thorlaksmessa is an important........................saint. a)Icelandic b)Greek c)Croatian

By Lloyd Budd and Alexito Monzalvito.

mer. 05 déc. 07

christmas ahumada claret

1.-How much does the average american family spend for christmas?

a=$500 b=$1000 c=$1500

2.-How many turkeys are killed in the United Kingdom for Xmas?

a=one million b= 5 million c=10 million

 3.-how much weight of Xmas dinner is trown to the garbage in the United Kingdom?

 a=12 tons b= 16 tons c=18 tons

 4.-How many plastic bags are used and thrown in the UK for Xmas?

 a=500 million b=1billion c=10 billion

5.-How many trees are taken down in America for Xmas?

a=36 million b=45 million c=10 million

6.-How many years the american enterprises dare to preserve a fruitcake (with preservatives) if it's not sold?

a=1 year b=12 years c=25 years

7.-How many trees did Bush want for the White House last year?

a=12 trees b=17 trees c=7 trees

8.-Is christmas a national holiday in South Africa?

a=yes b=maybe c=no

9.-When is celebrated christmas in slavic areas?

 a=December 20 b=December 24 c=January 7

10.-What does Xmas really is?

a=Birth of Jesus b=a catholic celebration to hide a pagan fest and Jesus was born in March c=an invention of Coca-Cola

by julien claret and gabriel ahumada note:we don't have anything against christmas,this quizz have for goal the dissemination of information

christmas Quiz

Questions may have more than one answer

1. On the slavic countries Ded Moroz companion name is? A. Rudolf B. Snegurokha C.Valatakiev

According to the legend he descends from? A. Santa Claus B. San Nicholas

2.Santa Claus, as we now it came from? A.a Latin legend B.A Saxon legend C. Coca-Cola

3. Mexico, Three Wise Men names are?

4. In Italy Christmas is delivered by? A.La befana B.Santa Claus C.SinterKlaas

5. Who is Zwarte Piet?

From what country is he ? A.Germany B.France C.U.K

6.Ukraine moto is? A. We shall over come B.Christ is born C. Amen D .Let us glorify him

7. On the Bulgarian holydays at mid night they ?

8. What s a yolka?

9. How do you explain the Christmas traditions in countries that are not originally Christians?

10. Who is The Viejo Pascuero?

Christmas around the world quizz


__1- What the Non-Christian Koreans do on December 25?

2- In Japan do Christmas is a holiday day?

3- When and where was the first recorded Christmas in Japan?

4- In Pakistan, on December 25 they celebrate the birth of the founder of the nation, what’s his name?

5- In Canada and the U.K, what the name of the celebration that they celebrate a day after Christmas day?

6- What is the name of the event that the Brazilian people celebrate between December 24th and January 6th?

7- In Chile, January 6 it’s the Epiphany who brings the gifts to the children?

8- In Australia Christmas is celebrated in winter?

9- In Hungary it’s the little Jesus who delivers gifts to the Hungarian children, what is the translation of little Jesus in Hungarian?

10- In Romania, what do the carols do in Christmas day?__

Valeria Villaseñor Conchita De Mendizabal

Christmas quizz : ]

1. In Greek legend, malicious creatures called Kallikantzaroi sometimes play to prank at Christmas time. What should you do to get rid of them?

2. The jólasveinar, or "yule lads", are a traditional part of an Icelandic Christmas. What are they?

3. George Frederick Handel's great Christmas oratorio, The Messiah, was first performed in 1742. Where did the performance take place?

4. The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. Where did it originally grow?

5. What important contribution to our Christmas customs was made by Louis Prang?

6. In Lithuania if Grandfather Christmas, appears to the children on Christmas Eve to hand out presents what must he do?

7. What is the Irish custom of "feeding the wren" or "hunting the wren" on December 26?

8. In Victorian times, most of the Londoners made a "goose club". What was it?

9. After Scrooge has reformed his life at the end of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, he invites Bob to join him for some "smoking bishop". What did he mean?

10. At Christmas, it is traditional to exchange kisses beneath a sprig of which plant?


Christmas in China

Question nº1: Who’s the figure that visits children in China?

o Young Li Yan

o Lan Khoong

o Shengi Di Ni Gu La Si

Question nº2: How Chinese people decorate their houses in Christmas Eve?

o Paper Lanterns

o Paper flowers

o Hang muslin

Question nº3: How do Chinese people decorate their Christmas trees?

o Colorful ornaments

o Shapes of flowers

o Paper chains

Question nº4 : What does san Nicholas bring Chinese children?

o New clothes

o Toys

o Candy

Question nº5: Which of these festivals is the most important in Chinese Christmas?

o Christmas festival

o Ta Chiu

o Yuanxiao Festival

Question nº6: What do Chinese people eat at Christmas Eve?

o píng Yā

o chá shí

o xiāng ròu páo

Question nº7: How do you say Christmas in Chinese?

o nián

o shèng dàn

o fù huó jié

Question nº8: How do Chinese people bring good luck in Christmas?

o Giving red envelopes containing lucky money

o Writing good thoughts in a special paper and burning it

o Display bowls of oranges and tangerines

Question nº9: Do Chinese people really believe in Christmas?

o Yes

o No

o Perhaps

Question nº10: What is the percent of people that believe in Christmas in China?

o 51%

o 99%

o 1%

By Jose Ledesma & Enrique Blanco

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