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Fil des billets

lun. 05 mai 08

Results of the April competition

Congratulations to the winners of the month!

Number 1 : Sea, sex and sun by Justine and Catherine

Number 2 ex aequo : Bob by Catherine and Valentin / Mégane and Sabrina

Number 3 : The best friend by Gaëlle and Léa

Watch out for the last competition of the school year ;-)

jeu. 21 fév. 08

French results - February competition

The winners are :

1) "Overgro" by Julie with 16 points

2) "The chocolate tea" by Michel with 10 points

3) "The appliance to transform clothes" by Aurore and Harmonie with 9 points

Well done to you all!!!

N.B. Mrs Parentin and I are really sorry for not publishing the results sooner. Only a small number of Mexican students have voted and respected the deadline this month, which is not fair nor respectful for the French group.

lun. 18 fév. 08

Mexican results February 2008

The winners are :

1) José and Enrique / Gauthier P ex aequo with 35 points

3) Electrobook with 12 points

Well done!!!

mar. 12 fév. 08

February votes

Because the deadline was February 11th, some students have already voted. Let me remind late pupils that they HAVE TO publish their production on the blog on the date required by teachers, otherwise you are not part of the voting process.

Please DO NOT TAMPER WITH the dates on the blog as we check it regularly and it is of no help to you as we correct them.

Mrs Parentin and I will count all the results on Sunday so make sure you publish your votes by Sunday morning, please! Thank you to you all!

mer. 12 déc. 07


Here is the result of the Mexican votes : Number 1 = Julie Duval (24 points) Number 2 = Vincent and Thomas (18 points) Number 3 = Romance and Michel (16 points) Congratulations to you all !!

mar. 11 déc. 07

And the Mexican winners are...

Number 1 : Elise and Anastasia (28 pts)

Number 2 : Valeria (18 pts)

Number 3 : Enrique and José (17 pts)

Congratulations to you all!

mer. 14 nov. 07


Congratulations to all the "winners" and thanks to the majority of pupils who did this first assignment seriously and committed themselves to this task. I hope the next assignment will inspire you and will sparkle your imagination !! Good luck to you all for the next production!

November results

Here are the results of the first competition. Congratulations to the winners!!!

Mexican productions :

1) Dear Diary (32 points)

2) You've got Mail (23 points)

3) My Brother Ghost (12 points)

French productions :

1) A Bad Christmas Night (39 points)

2) Story by Romance (22 points)

3) Crime of Passion (14 points)

Watch out for the forthcoming competition!