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Competition instructions

Fil des billets

ven. 07 mar. 08

March competition

Have you heard of the "Printemps des Poètes" competition nationwide? This year's theme is "Praising the other" which means "writing a poem about / to a person you admire".

So this month, we ask you to write a poem with the same theme and a number of criteria :

- Your poem must rime but you can choose the rime pattern (AABB, ABAB, ABBA...)

- 12 verses maximum

- The tone can be nostalgic, tragic, comic...

- you must use a comparison and a metaphor

- you must include a colour and a part of the body

- you must use at least one adjective related to a person's temper

The deadline is April 4th. Good luck to you all! ;-)

jeu. 10 janv. 08

January competition

In January we ask you to INVENT an advertisement for an ENGLISH / AMERICAN product. It must be brand-new and must not exist already! You can work alone or in groups of two as usual. The more original and colourful, the better!

Your production must include :

 - a drawing / personal picture (not taken from the Internet)

- a small text presenting the characteristics of your product (10 lines)

- the logo of a firm / trade-mark

- a catch phrase / slogan

- the name of the product and its price

Your document must be on the blog by February 11th.

Good luck to you all!

jeu. 06 déc. 07

Congratulations and happy Christmas to you all!!

Congratulations to those who have published their productions on time....Some have apparently forgotten the deadline.... I wish you all a merry Christmas and nice, relaxing Christmas holidays. I wish those who will travel to France a nice trip and happy moments with your friends and relatives "on the other side of the ocean"! Enjoy your time off.... Mrs Parentin

dim. 02 déc. 07

December votes

We have created 2 new categories on the Blog : "Mexican votes" and "French votes." We ask each pupil to publish a message in the right category when voting for each other's productions. It will be easier for us to count all the points. Thank you!

mer. 14 nov. 07

December competition

This month we ask you to devise a quiz about Christmas traditions all over the world in groups of two or on your own.

Your production must include 10 to 15 questions about different countries except for Mexico and France because it would be too easy. ;-)

Your quiz must be published on the blog before December 5th so that we have time to vote before the Xmas break!

You can suggest a variety of questions such as TRUE or FALSE answers, multiple choices or open questions.

Please keep a copy of your answers in case some of you want to play the game!

You can illustrate your quiz with a personal drawing if you wish. The more original, the better! Good luck to you all!

ven. 28 sept. 07

Competition # 1

This month we ask you to create a detective short story in groups of two. The deadline is November 7th. Your production must include :

- a victim

- a culprit

- a weapon

- a particular setting (= place)

- a time reference

- a motive (the cause of the crime)

Write about 30 lines.

Would you please put your production in the correct category (Mexican or French production) so that it is easier for everyone when it comes to voting for the best creations? Thank you very much and good luck to all of you!