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ven. 07 mar. 08

March competition

Have you heard of the "Printemps des Poètes" competition nationwide? This year's theme is "Praising the other" which means "writing a poem about / to a person you admire".

So this month, we ask you to write a poem with the same theme and a number of criteria :

- Your poem must rime but you can choose the rime pattern (AABB, ABAB, ABBA...)

- 12 verses maximum

- The tone can be nostalgic, tragic, comic...

- you must use a comparison and a metaphor

- you must include a colour and a part of the body

- you must use at least one adjective related to a person's temper

The deadline is April 4th. Good luck to you all! ;-)

jeu. 21 fév. 08

French results - February competition

The winners are :

1) "Overgro" by Julie with 16 points

2) "The chocolate tea" by Michel with 10 points

3) "The appliance to transform clothes" by Aurore and Harmonie with 9 points

Well done to you all!!!

N.B. Mrs Parentin and I are really sorry for not publishing the results sooner. Only a small number of Mexican students have voted and respected the deadline this month, which is not fair nor respectful for the French group.

mar. 19 fév. 08


1-The Chocoltae tea 2-The appliance transform clothes


lun. 18 fév. 08

Mexican results February 2008

The winners are :

1) José and Enrique / Gauthier P ex aequo with 35 points

3) Electrobook with 12 points

Well done!!!

sabrina C.

3 points for Llyodd and Alex Monzalo ELECTROBOOK 2points for Julien C. MULTI-GLASSES 1 point for Analia and Samir POWDERED WATER

rigollot votes

1: jose and enrique
2:gautier P.
3:alexendre K.


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dim. 17 fév. 08

very very go0o0od

3 points to :Overgro" ( tribute to Pierro) by Julie D. 2 point to:The Appliance to Transform Clothes by Par Aurore L. 1 point to:Hambergur' AC by Par Alisson R.


1.The pen computer by Jose and Enrique:3 points

2.Fordast Enterprises presents the new car XPG Fordast by Gauthier P:2 points

3.Robot by Conchita.D:1 point

My Votes by Alex K.

These are my votes:

1-The Chocoltae tea 2-The appliance transform clothes 3-Overgro

Good Luck to you all....


1. Chocolate tea-3 points 2.Colourful Chewing Gum-2points 3.The Perpetual Motion-1point

Votes by Elise.L

1.The Appliance to Transform Clothes by Aurore.L --> 3 points for you
2."Overgro" ( tribute to Pierro) by Julie.D --> 2 points for you
3.The chocolate tea by Michel.C --> 1 point for you
Congratulations !!!


1-overgro(2 points) 2-the magic pants(3points) 3-the perpetual motion(1 point)

Anastasia Karanfilovic

votes..by enrique blanco

1-the magic pants(3points)...2-overgro(2 points)....3-the perpetual motion(1 point)

sam. 16 fév. 08

Vote Justine

Fordast Entreprises the newcar XPG Fordast : 3 points The Pen Computer by Jose and Enrique : 2 points Powdened water by Analia and Samir : 1 point

Votes by Aurore

1 - "Fordast enterprises presents the new car XPG fordas" , by Gabriel and Gauthier.

2 - "The pen computer" , by Jose and Enrique.

3 - "Robot" , by Conchita.

Good Holidays !!

votes by Cynthia

1) "!!!news!!!" by Fouquet 2) "Overgro" by Duval 3) "An automatic pen" by Johanna and Kevin

Results : Mexicans productions ( by the producer of Overgro )


1. The Pen Computer ( J&E) 2. Fordast Enterprises : The new car XPG Fordast 3. BiBi Friend (M)

Goods holidays !!!

Vote by Michel

The first is "Fordast Enterprises presents the new car XPG Fordast" by Gabriel Ahumada & Gauthier Pousset

The second is "the new MULTI-GLASSES™" by Julien C

The third is "ELECTROBOOK" by Lloyd Budd & Alex Monzalvo

*** Rachel's vote ***

1 *** The Pen Computer by Jose & Enrique *** 3 points for you ^ ^

2 ** The Sleepillow by Elise & Anastasia ** 2 points for you : )

3 * Robot by Conchita D * 1 point for you ; )

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