Chloe is a 16 years old girl. She doesn´t have much friends, but recently she´s been seeing a group of persons that seems to like her. The action takes places in San Francisco:

“Dear diary. Monday,September 14th

Alison is being very nice with me these days. I think I´ve found real friends. There is one guy: Leon. He´s very cute: he´s brown-haired and blue eyed! How about that uh? I hope the relationship with these friends will last.”

“Diary, Wednesday September 24th

Today we´ve been to the karting. I sat next to Leon and he really knows how to drive! We almost got expeled because he started to draft... Oh my God, he´s so handsome...”

“Dear diary, Saturday October 7th

I´ve been to the “crepes” with leon this afternoon, and while I was talking about my boring life, he kissed me!! Can you realise? It´s my first kiss! I´m so excited because tomorrow we´re going fishing at the lake! I´ll go to bed now : I´m pretty tired.”

“Little diary, Tuesday October 19th

Me and Leon are officially boyfriends! He asked me today and I said –yes-. It is amazing I met all this great people, Mum likes this people as much as I do.”

“Diary, Saturday December 3rd

It´s been a while I haven´t talked to you! Leon is acting a bit weird: last night he came at home and he was too hyperactive and did not stop watching through the window, like if he was hiding of something. Then I asked him what was wrong and he slapped me so hard that I fell. He got sorry and explained me he had some problem with a guy in bar... I hope everything´s OK.”

“Dear diary, Monday December 7th

Oh my God, last night Leon came with a white shirt and blood all over.He was so normal, like if nothing happened so I asked him what happened, and he said he had some fight in a bar. I am starting to get nervous, maybe he´s dealing or doing something dangerous for both of us. I saw the news: three teenagers girls that lived around the neighborhood got raped and killed! It is tremendous! I hope they´ll catch that stupid.”

“My dear diary, Tuesday December 15th

It´s getting worse:three other girls got killed. Mum says that it is not safe to go out at night, and she´s right. Yesterday,while I was at Leon´s, he asked me to get him photos that were in a drawer and guess what I found: a knife! I opened it and there was blood traces on it! I asked him about it, and he said “You are asking too much questions”. What would that mean? I am really scared but I don´t want to lose him.... "

“Dear diary, Thursday December 17th Allison advised me stop going out with leon, I think she´s just jealous. Anyway, I received a post enveloppe, inside was a picture with a dozen of pretty girls, but among them, six girls were highlighted with a marker, these six girls were the girls that got killed!! What does this mean? Was this enveloppe for me? I sent the picture to the police dept.and talked to Leon. I hope they´ll considerate it!”

“Dear diary Saturday December 19th

Today I am seeing Leon: he asked me to reach him at the lake, he wants to be alone with me... I am scared: I hope he´s not dumping me... Anyway I´ll get you the details (laughts)...”

She never wrote back: Chloe was reported as missing. Two days after, the girl was found by the lake. She was dead... Doctors said she got raped before getting killed, Leon is now a suspect...

Vanden Broeck Fabio; Karanfilovic Anastacia; Latière Elise