Ehhh, arrgh,irgh,beep,ergh. The computer roared as Sally connected to AOL to IM (instant message) with her friends as they had planned that day at school. "Welcome" the computer greeted her. She was home alone because her parents were out at dinner. Almost right away, she found a chat room full of her friends. They greeted each other and began to chat. They talked for hours and Sally's eyes were getting tired. Then, someone else joined. The person claimed to be a friend of one of the girls who wasn't in the chatroom. They all assumed that it was true and continued. The new person constantly made rude, mean and hurtful remarks about the other people in the chatroom, but never about Sally. Some of the remarks to Sally made her feel better and put her above the other people. The person constantly singled out Sally and commented about her and flattered her. She began to like this person, but everyone else hated him. Sally wanted to know where this person lived so they could get together sometime. When she asked, the response was that he or she didn't want all these other people to know, only Sally, so he would send an email to her inbox telling her where he lived. He asked her for her email address and so she gave it. A few seconnds later, her computer told her "You've got mail", so she minimized the IM box and opened her email. There was an email titled "where i live" so she opened it, and read it, at first she didn't understand it's meaning, but then in horror, she understood what the email meant. All that was typed was "Behind the Couch".

Her parents came home to find their daughter dead, stabbed to death sitting in her own blood. They read what was on the computer, and when they searched behind the couch, they found a sheath for a knife, and a laptop, displaying the exact same email and chatroom that was on the computer.

Marco Maldonado , Luis Aduna__