Sea, Sex & Sun.

She was reclining in the wild green grass,
As a note which was enlarging upon a score.
She exorcised her strange pleasure on Hardcore,
Her influence of the plentiful vibrancies was coming back on the surface.
The perfume reminded her of the fullness of the Reggae,
All acrobatic vibrations of her mind resulted from the fantastic.
There was a charm of swinging rhythm which was liberated by Folk music,
There's no better method to make somebody gay.
A tune of Pop music did whirl her green high-cut dress.
A King did explode the Rock'n'Roll at the tip of his revolver.
Being dependent on the musical evasion is the most flamboyant power !
This poem is more or less like music, it's a real mess !
By Justine & Catherine.
Work by Trevor Brown.